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Message: Back to being a lottery ticket...

...with very long odds, regarding new information about EEStor's so-called agreement with somebody called Alchemy Synergy Group. Something smells to me.

. . . . . . .

5 Dec 2016 PR: EEStor Enters Agreement for Advanced Polymer Development


Two odd things about the address for Alchemy Synergy Group as listed on the Canadian trade mark data page:

Alchemy Synergy Group, Inc.
68 Glen Acres
The Farm, St. George BB G01


Firstly, Barbados postal codes consist of the two letters BB (right so far) followed immediately - no space - by five digits, like this: BB12345.

Secondly, the address of Alchemy Synergy Group, a smallish single family home  in the Barbados central hinterland, for anyone who wants to find the place on Google maps, is also home to Legends Construction Company. Busy place!


I’m sure there’s an explanation.

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