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    MetaWorks Platforms, Inc. (CSE: MWRK)

    MetaWorks is an Enterprise Blockchain enabling real-world solutions company that targets Fortune 5000 companies with turnkey blockchain solutions including digital currencies, NFTs and the entire Web3 ecosystem. $MWRK has already achieved breakthrough NFT success at the highest levels of feature films, entertainers and automotive ... and is now making the logical expansion into the Metaverse.

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    Reklaim LTD (TSX-V: MYID)

    Reklaim is driven by consumer data and the evolution of privacy. Offering compliant, zero-party data to Fortune 500 brands, platforms, and data companies, Reklaim allows consumers to visit the platform, confirm their identity, and unveil data that has been collected and sold for years without the consumer's explicit consent. Q1 2023 Revenue grew to $728,304, an 86% increase over Q1 2022. Reklaim increased its gross margin by 169% from Q4-2022 to Q1-2023, from 26% to 71% in the past 90 days and expanded the sale of Reklaim data internationally.

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    SoLVBL Solutions Inc. (CSE: SOLV)

    SoLVBL Solutions is a proprietary data authentication solution that enhances the safety and reliability of data in an increasingly digital world. Q by SoLVBL™ operates dramatically faster and at lower latency than the alternative today commonly known as Blockchain. The Q by SoLVBL™ system protocol produces a unique digital seal for each submitted record.