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Jan 22, 2011 11:39PM
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Surfing, singing, playing Blues harmonica and preparing for my next adventure.

Your servant is your master.

The independent woman is worth her weight in Gold. You can never keep her, but enjoy her company for as long as she allows you. She brings light to your life and shows you earth's wonders and it's harsh reality. Mother earth! A man is a spiritual being. He adores his freedom and likes to travel, see new things and share his love with the people he meets. When the male and female spirit get together they become one entity, stronger, and they see, they see what love is, what life is and then they realize that it will never be. Someday the world will be as one, when we learn to share, to love one another unconditionally as the devoted pet loves its master. Then we will know love and there will be no fear.

Love animals and you will know what life on earth is all about. Breathe the fragrance of life with a grateful heart and you will see yourself. The elixir of life is in the knowing, knowing that you are one with all that you see and a part of everything that is...........you are.........I know!

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