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___{ UPDATED ...[ 24 OCT ' 17 ]... }
~.....C E O / Sole Proprietor,
@ Smithson Group

December 1988 – Present
(26 years 2 months)

____________________________Dallas, Tx

1)...Sole Owner and Proprietor of the Smithson Group, which is the Sole Surviving, Charitable Remainder of the Original Smithson Family Estate.

2)...Initiated all Buy Recommendations and maintained constant surveillance of (12), twelve

A)...Exceptional { Risk to Reward } Scenario,

B)...VERY SPECIFIC... "Atypical Special Situations,"

C)...{Distressed (and / or) Toxic}

***Microcap Equities***.

3)...Developed and implemented a { P / E } to Growth Rate Model, or [ PEG ], which is designed to deploy Probability Decision Trees, such that, a more objective and thus, more refined Sector Analysis is derived.

4)...An objective and prudent Appraisal of Total Assets Under Management is currently constrained to yield only a nominal valuation.

~.....Portfolio Manager / Equity Analyst @ Sovran Bank / Maryland

July 1987 – December 1988 (1 year 6 months)

________________________Bethesda, Md

1)...Initiated all buy recommendations and maintained daily surveillance of (55), fifty five companies in the Energy, Consumer Durables, Telephone and Electric Utility Sectors.

2)...Portfolio Manager of (35), thirty five Pension and Profit Sharing Plans with Total Assets in excess of ( $ 35 mm ), thirty five million.

3)...As one of five members of the Investment Selection Committee, made weekly presentations and contributions to the Investment Decision Making Process.

~.....Equity Security Analyst
@ Prudential Investment Management

June 1986 – July 1987 (1 year 2 months)

___________________New York, New York

1)...Responsible for all Buy Synopses initiated by the Chief Investment Officer, as well as original periodic contributions to the Focus List.

2)...As a member of the Investment Policy Committee, made periodic presentations and contributions to the Investment Decision Making Process.

3)...Extensive analytical experience in the application of Dividend Discount Models for the Telephone and Utility Industries.

~.....Personal Portfolio Manager
@ Republic Bank / Dallas

March 1984 – August 1985 (1 year 6 months)

___________________________Dallas, Tx

1)...Assigned to the Aggressive Affluent Section with responsibility for (225), two hundred and twenty five Personal Trust and Agency Accounts with Total Assets Under Management in excess of { $ 60 mm }, sixty million.

2)...Within the constraints of the current Investment Policy Statement, designed, implemented and executed all Portfolio Strategy and Investment Recommendations.

~.....Chief Investment Officer
@ Allied Lakewood Bank

March 1983 – March 1984 (1 year 1 month)

___________________________Dallas, Tx

1)...Sole Trust Investment Officer responsible for all Portfolio Strategy and Investment Management.

2)...Portfolio Manager of (4), four Non-Taxable Common Trust Funds, (180), one hundred and eighty Personal Trusts and (20), twenty Pension and Profit Sharing Plans with Combined Total Assets Under Management in excess of { $ 200 mm } two hundred million.

~.....{1st} Lieutenant, Assistant Post Comptroller
@ U S Army, 7th Division Finance

February 1968 – December 1970 (2 years 11 months)

_________Camp Casey, Korea, ___{ Et. Al., }

1)...After ten months of comprehensive military training,
graduated from Artillery, Officer Candidate School, as a {2 nd} Lieutenant.

2)...Was assigned to duty at the 7th Division Finance Office, serving as an Administrative Support Officer for the Post Comptroller.

3)...Upon completion of Theatre Assignment and promotion to {1 st} Lieutenant, was reassigned to a similar Administrative Support Position at Fort Jackson, SC.


@ Vanderbilt University - Owen Graduate School of Management

M B A, {'75}, Investments
[ 1972 – 1975 ]

@..Vanderbilt University / Diversified Studies,.{'71-'72}

N / A, Liberal Arts
[ 1971 – 1972 ]

@..University Of Mississippi / Banking & Finance,{'67}

B B A, Banking and Finance
[ 1963 – 1967 ]

@..Marion Military Institute / Liberal Arts,...............{'63}

N / A, Liberal Arts
[ 1962 – 1963 ]

@..Murrah High School / Liberal Arts,....................{'62}

Jackson, Mississippi, Graduated in Liberal Arts [ 1959 – 1962 ]

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