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UPbook is Growing Healthcare Practices All Over The Country. The secret to UPbook’s success is enabling performance feedback, setting of targets and rewards, and full transparency into your Front Desk operations.

Plus UPbook software is fully integrated with UPbook Concierge which acts as your remote Front Desk, ensuring your patients always receive the highest quality service available.

Using UPbook results in greater scheduled appointments, efficiency, and bottom line profitability.

UPbook is the Receptionist and Telemedicine Software that dramatically increases your revenue and efficiency through improving your Front Desk's performance and workflow.

UPbook is a Front Desk Management (Telemedicine) Software for Medicine Practices, which revolutionizes the way you manage your appointments. It is an all-in-one front desk and receptionist software for Medicine practices that turn phone calls into appointments. UPbook’s ultimate goal is to transform your existing phone system into:

· A phone platform that grows the practice;
· A phone platform that drives greater efficiencies

UPbook helps to grow your business by doubling the call-scheduling rate and acquiring more clients for your practice. The platform is designed to help medicine practices turn more calls into appointments and to alleviate unwanted stress from the front desk. With UPbook’s unique integration of hardware and software solutions, you can enhance the efficiency of your front desk.

The leaderboard feature lets you track the performance of every individual on the front desk team separately - allowing you to take corrective actions (training or counseling) to adjust their performance. With UPbook's all-in-one phone system, you can cancel your expensive phone bills while growing your practice.

Don't wait to experience 10x-30x ROI! UPbook comes with an executive dashboard where you can record, review and scorecard the calls. It also provides details about the performance of your practice by identifying the number of calls on the basis of hours, days and weeks. Furthermore, it helps you track the outcomes of the call.

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