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The foundation of any successful IR program is access to a massive audience of qualified small-cap investors. The AGORACOM news syndicate is second to none in the small cap world as AGORACOM controls the content on many of the primary destinations for small cap investors on the web. This exclusive group includes:


AGORACOM is currently Google’s largest partner in N. America for small cap companies. We are so confident in the Google IR program, that we use it for our own marketing initiatives. Simply go to Google right now and punch in “Investor Relations”. You will see us in the number 1 or 2 spot. We can do the same for your company. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Globe Investor Small Cap Resources and Energy Headlines
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CNBC & Bloomberg TV – 30 Second Commercial Spots
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Yahoo! Small Cap Center Headlines
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AOL Small Cap Center Headlines
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Small Cap Center on BlackBerry Headlines
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Kitco Front Page Press Releases
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Facebook Ads Targeted by Demographics & Geography
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AGORACOM Front Page Headlines
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Unlike any other IR firm, AGORACOM has adopted a de-centralized approach to small cap content dissemination in order to leverage the reputation and audiences of the world’s best know internet properties. As a result, AGORACOM reaches over 1 million small cap investors each and every month.