Quick Tips – The Most Popular Activities on AGORACOM

Watch Our Daily Breaking Small Cap News Webcast

A daily, fast-paced, edgy show bringing you the mornings best Press Releases and Halts from the small cap sector at the market open (9:30AM). Tune in to find your next great small cap investment.


Read Our "Small and Micro Cap 2.0 Blog" by AGORACOM President George Tsiolis

Market intelligence for the astute small cap investor. Learn about the latest market and technology trends by following our resident expert George Tsiolis. To ensure you don’t miss any of George’s latest posts, you can follow his blog on Twitter or via RSS feed.


Post a Message

Once you are a member, you have the ability to interact, communicate and share ideas with other AGORACOM members by posting messages to one of our many discussion forums on small cap companies. Express your ideas and opinions today!


Recommend a Message

If you like what others are posting, make sure to let the rest of the community know by recommending the post. Simply click on the thumbs up logo at the bottom of the message.


Vote on Other Members

Not all members are created equally. Some provide incredible insight and commentary, while some others may be more concerned about what happened on Desperate Housewives last night. Give each member their appropriate dues by voting on their contributions to the AGORACOM community.


Check Out the AGORACOM 100

Find your next great small cap investment using the AGORACOM 100 as a starting point. Top small cap companies are listed with their name, symbol and a brief description. If you like what you see, click on the company name for a full company overview.


Update / Edit Your Profile

Fill out your AGORACOM profile and keep it current. Your profile is your online calling card and allows other members with like interests to reach out and connect with you.


Report Violations

Help to keep the community clean! While most members contribute in a positive way, there are always a handful that are looking to cause problems. Help to keep the community clean by reporting violations. To determine what constitutes a violation, check out our 6 Rules of Use


Upload Photos, Links, Facts and Information

Keep your company hub up to date by regularly checking and updating information. Based on the popular Wikipedia model, members can upload and update information based on their level of authority within the community.


Broadcast Center

Straight from the Top. Get the latest interviews from small cap CEO’s which are featured on AOL Finance, Yahoo Finance and


Request a New Hub

Ensure that your company is part of the top small cap community in N. America. If you can’t find your company on AGORACOM, request a new hub and we’ll have one up within 48 hours if it qualifies.


Participate in Private Placements

Now you can roll with the big boys. For the first time ever, AGORACOM is empowering the retail investor and giving you a chance to participate in private placements (based on accredited investor criteria) which are normally reserved for brokers, fund managers and institutions.


Send a Private Message

The AGORACOM Instant Messenger. Make direct and private contact with other AGORACOM members by using the "Private Message" feature.