Highly prospective exploration company

Resource projects cover more than 1,713 km2 in three provinces at various stages, including the following: hematite magnetite iron formations, titaniferous magnetite & hematite, nickel/copper/PGM, chromite, Volcanogenic Massive and gold.



Tetra Bio-Pharma Reports Approval by Health Canada of its Phase 1 Trial of dried Cannabis

  • Health Canada approved phase I clinical study of smoked cannabis

We are very pleased to announce the authorization of the Phase I clinical trial by TPD. This is an important milestone in the clinical development of smoked Cannabis in North America and we are proud to be working with Algorithme pharma, a Clinical Research Organization with many years of experience and expertise in the conduct of Phase I clinical studies, said Dr. Chamberland, Chief Science Officer.

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Hub On AGORACOM / Read Release


Message: Champion Iron Announces Completion of Bloom Lake Mine Feasibility Study

Looking forward to the day when NSR money is rolling in from Bloom Lake...2.5% isn't it?  That's a lotta cash!

Speaking of NSR's...why the sudden surge of interest in Argex?   For that matter, why aren't they farther along?  Another huge potential for FNC.

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