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North American manufacturer of wind turbines

AAER Inc. Profile

We are a North American manufacturer of reliable, megawatt-sized wind turbines that deliver safe, clean energy. Using proven technology, our wind turbines deliver high performance in a variety of wind conditions and terrains.

AAER Inc. is a North American manufacturer of powerful wind turbines that generate up to 2 megawatts.

The company is pursuing progressive vertical integration, that is, the eventual on-site manufacture of the strategic components that go into the production of wind turbines.

In collaboration with its European partners, world pioneers in the design of wind turbine components, AAER Inc. produces high technology products with proven performance.

AAER Inc.’s short-term business strategy targets market niches for wind parks not exceeding 50 MW. AAER Inc. strikes many agreements, partnerships and collaborations in the various countries where it has a presence, in order to develop local wind energy industry. We believe that the melding of technical and managerial expertise in a spirit of improved performance, innovation and dialogue stimulates local know-how, in turn favouring in situ manufacturing capacity as well as regional social and economic development.

Through their commitment and know-how, AAER Inc.’s partners and collaborators make accessible a clean form of energy which preserves our natural resources and the environment.

Since 2006, AAER Inc. shares have been trading on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V), under the symbol AAE.

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