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Aecon Group Inc. is one of Canada’s largest and most diverse construction and infrastructure development companies.

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What We Do

For more than a century, Aecon and our predecessor companies have helped to build many of Canada’s most famous infrastructure landmarks – from the CN Tower and St. Lawrence Seaway, to the Vancouver Sky Train and Halifax Shipyards. But perhaps more importantly, we’ve also helped to build hundreds of factories, roads, sewer systems, theatres, book stores, power plants, mine sites, arts centres, offices, hotels, casinos, and gas, electrical and telecommunications networks, that may not carry the same high profile but are, nonetheless, integral to the way we live and work.

Client achievements are at the heart of the Aecon story. From small to large and start to finish, we’re committed to helping our clients achieve their objectives in all aspects of construction. From design and engineering to construction delivery and project finance, we work tirelessly to make expectations a reality. And it's this determination to deliver on our promises that has fueled Aecon’s substantial growth. Today, there isn’t a more diverse or respected construction and infrastructure development company in Canada.

Aecon offers unparalleled depth of expertise and a broad range of capabilities that can be called upon to deliver an integrated solution to virtually any construction and infrastructure development challenge...from coast to coast.

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