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Calypso Wireless Profile

Calypso's technology allows you to switch and connect from either a Cellular Network or a Wireless Local Area Network Access Point (WLAN), seamlessly without the user noticing the change.

This means uninterrupted connectivity as you travel in and out of the range of WLAN access points. The use of ASNAP™ (Automatic Switching of Network Access Points) also increases the amount of available wireless bandwidth from the current state of technology of 9.6 kbps to 11 Mbps.

Now the transfer of large files such as pictures, music and video between wireless devices can be completed faster than you can do them on your home computer. ASNAP™ also enables real-time mobile video conferencing capabilities, with friends and families anywhere in the world.

Consumer Value
Uninterrupted connectivity as you travel in and out of the range of WLAN access points (public or private).
Real Time Mobile Video Conferencing.
Lower average airtime costs
Increase wireless bandwidth from the current 9.6 Kbps to 11 Mbps (depending on the WLAN).
Worldwide mobility via wireless Voice over IP.
Large file upload/ download, i.e. Pics, mp3s, and video.
Accelerate WAP and rich wireless Internet development.

WLAN Owner Value
Additional revenue stream for vendors from mobile carriers that have calls and data routed through the vendors’ WLAN access points.
Private enterprise (homes and offices) WLANs can make available unused excess bandwidth to mobile users, even assigning different bandwidths at different times.
Carrier or Private WLAN access points (restaurants, malls, banks, hotels, etc.) with allocated bandwidth to ASNAP™ mobile users, can attract more customers to premises with minimum investment.

Mobile Carrier Value
Increase the number of subscribers without having to increase cellular capacity.
Reduction of implementation cost and service cost for cellular network operators.
Free up cellular spectrum and increase capacity and coverage.
Add more revenue-producing services, such as Real Time Mobile Video Conferencing.
Reduce dropped calls and improve Quality of Service.
Justify 3G deployment while developing critical mass for broadband services.
Locate mobile users by IP address (E911 mandate).

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