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Major Explorer In Central Quebec

Dios Exploration Profile

Dios Exploration Inc. is a leading research and exploration company with 5,300 mining claims covering over 2,750 sq. kilometres in key areas of central Quebec and the Otish Mountains. The claims have a high potential in uranium and diamonds. Dios’ business strategy is to generate exploration projects from the scientific concept to feasibility and develop them either alone or through joint venture. Dios shareholders benefit from a diversified exploration portfolio based on combined uranium and diamond plays. The current properties are: Hotish Property (uranium), Upinor and Opinaca Nord (uranium), 33 Carats (diamond), Chibouki (diamond) and Pontax (diamond). Recent drilling completed on the Upinor property revealed 2.06% U3O8 grade in exposed rock along the prospected strike length of over two kilometres. More results are pending on the rest of the contiguous five kilometres of the spectrometric anomaly uranium outcropping Furthermore a significant exploration breakthrough was achieved at the wholly owned Hotish project. A uranium radioactive lithological unit of over 1 kilometre wide, extending in strike over several more kilometres, was discovered in the field. This was in correlation to a helicopter-borne spectrometric survey previously defining a linear uranium anomaly of 3 kilometres in length by over 750 metre width.

Marie-José Girard is President and CEO of Dios Exploration. Ms. Girard has had more than 30-years experience in mineral exploration, particularly in glacial terranes1. She has worked for many years as a uranium exploration geologist, in particular in the Otish Sedimentary Basin and the Labrador Trough of Quebec. Ms. Girard is supported by Mr. Dominique Doucet, in his role as Chairman. Mr. Doucet is an equally gifted geologist and founder of William Resources in 1987; he led the exploration company until 1994 when he started Sirios Resources.

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