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Disenco Energy PLC Profile

Disenco Energy plc was incorporated in January 2006

Disenco Ltd, a private limited liability Company registered in England & Wales, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Disenco Energy plc. The name Disenco is derived from the words Distributed Energy Company.

Disenco Ltd was established in 2003 to continue the development and commence the commercialisation of an appliance to be distributed to the worldwide market for the generation of local small-scale electricity production in connection with the provision of domestic heat and hot water.

Disenco’s revolutionary m-CHP (Micro Combined Heat and Power) appliance, which is a direct replacement for the domestic boiler or furnace, initially received GAD (Gas Appliance Directive) approval in June 2006 and may now be supplied to the European market for installation and connection to commercially available gas supplies.

Disenco's development and production facilities in Sheffield, England provide a base from where it continues to monitor its existing field trial appliances and manages its commercialisation programme.

Initial production tests began in Q1, 2008 with commercial release scheduled from Q3 2009 onwards.

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