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Specialising in the transportation of drybulk cargoes.

DryShips Inc Profile

DryShips Inc., NASDAQ : DRYS, is a global shipping transportation company specialising in the transportation of drybulk cargoes.

Our executive offices are located in Amaroussion, Greece, We are a Marshall Islands registered company that was formed in September 2004.


DryShips owns a fleet of ( Jan 10 2009) 43 drybulk carriers comprising:

  • 7 Capesize,
  • 29 Panamax,
  • 2 Supramax
  • 5 newbuilding drybulk vessels with a combined deadweight tonnage of over 3.4 million tons,
  • 2 ultra deep water semisubmersible drilling rigs
  • 2 ultra deep water newbuilding drillships.

" MANASOTA " - 2004 Capesize, 948ft, 288.88m

Our Capesize and Panamax drybulk carriers carry predominantly coal and iron ore for energy and steel production as well as grain for feedstocks.

Our Handymax and Handysize drybulk carriers carry iron and steel products, fertilizers, minerals, forest products, ores, bauxite, alumina, cement and other construction materials. These raw materials and products are used as production inputs in a number of industries. We transport these various cargoes on several geographical routes.

Our fleet carrying capacity totals over 4 million deadweight tons.

Our business strategy is focused on building and maintaining enduring relationships with charterers of drybulk carriers and providing reliable seaborne transportation services at competitive cost.
We seek to create shareholder value by acquiring and operating second hand drybulk carriers across the size spectrum, including large (Capesize), medium (Panamax) and small (Handymax and Handysize), and employing them in a combination of "spot charter", and "period time charter" contracts and pools.

Mr. George Economou, our Chief Executive Officer, has been active in shipping since 1976 and formed the Company's related technical and commercial ship-management company, Cardiff Marine Inc. in 1991.

We believe that Cardiff has established a reputation in the international drybulk shipping industry for operating and maintaining a fleet with high standards of performance, reliability and safety.

Please visit the website for Cardiff Marine Inc. at

We have established a reputation in the international shipping industry for operating and maintaining our fleet with high standards of performance, reliability and safety.

We believe that we possess a number of competitive strengths in our industry:

  • Experienced Management Team.
  • Strong Customer Relationships.
  • Efficient and Dependable Vessel Operations.
  • Flexible Geographic and Trade Route Profile.
  • Ensuring our Customers' needs are Prioritized.

" SONOMA " 2001 Panamax

Ocean Rig ASA

Ocean Rig owns and operates Leiv Eiriksson and Eirik Raude, two of the world’s largest and most modern drilling rigs, built for ultra deep water and extreme weather conditions.

The company is headquartered at Forus near Stavanger in Norway. In 2007, the company generated operating revenues of USD 209.1 million.

Ocean Rig, most likely, will be spun off this year.

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