$37.3M Full Year 2021 Revenues / Gross profit up 73.8% to $11.1M

Logiq, Inc. Profile

Connecting Brands To Consumers By Simplifying E-commerce

Financial Highlights

  • Revenues for the full year 2021 were $37.3 million
  • FY 2021 gross profit increased 73.8% to $11.1 million for a 29.6% gross margin.
  • Dec. 31, 2021, cash, cash equivalents and restricted cash totaled $1.6 million.

Solving the challenges of digital customer acquisition


Logiq software and services provide innovative ways to target, engage and influence online consumers


The AGORACOM of the e-commerce world.  AGORACOM helps small-mid cap companies win the attention of investors … Logiq helps SMB’s compete against megabrands in e-commerce 

The global e-commerce market surpassed $9 TRILLION in 2019 … and is scheduled to grow by a CAGR of 14% into 2027 … But mega brands control almost 70% of the US market alone and are using their strength to win even more market … making it harder for SMBs to compete in this massive market 

Logiq is an award-winning e-commerce and fintech solutions company that is addressing that problem by helping drive e-commerce for SMBs around the world … with revenues of $37.9M in 2020.

DataLogiq - provides a data-driven, end-to-end e-commerce marketing solution that integrates AI to help SMBs in need of online marketing solutions.

Recent Highlights

  • Completed the transfer of AppLogiq assets (rebranded as GoLogiq) into its majority owned public entity Lovarra (OTC: LOVA) to unlock the value of this dynamic, southeast Asia focused fintech; those shares’ spin-off to shareholders is slated to close in mid-2022
  • Restructured senior management teams to facilitate both Logiq and GoLogiq execution, strategic initiatives and M&A
  • Closed acquisition of Battle Bridge Labs companies



Retail E-Commerce Sales Worldwide $Trillion

Why Engagement May Be the Most Important Metric for Your Business


The Problem

Mega Brands" (the top 500) in the US control almost 70% of the U.S. eCommerce market

The Solution

DataLogiq is a simplified e-commerce marketing solution that helps SMB brands and agencies increase online sales cost effectively

 Logiq Completes Separation of AppLogiq and DataLogiq into Two Publicly Traded Companies

Completed transfer of its AppLogiq assets into Lovarra (OTC: LOVA ) Soon To Be Known As "GoLogiq"

AppLogiq - In Southeast Asia AL offers a mobile application development platform as-a-service which enables hundreds of thousands of SMBs to create mobile apps with little technical expertise or know-how …  Offered across Southeast Asia, Europe and U.S. in 14 languages .. …. also offers a mobile fintech payment platform (PayLogiQ) and a hyper-local food delivery service (GoLogiq)

  • New Super App to Provide Easy Access to e-Wallet, Food Delivery, Microloans, Driver License Testing and Telehealth Services in Indonesia
  • Received Indonesian Government Approval to Offer Micro-Lending Services to 50 Million Indonesians

  • Joined Forces with Novaji Introserve to Offer Home Delivery and Mobile Fintech Services to Millions of Underserved and Unbanked in Nigeria

Platform-As-A-Service (PaaS)


  • Enables SMBs to create mobile applications for their business with limited technical knowledge and investment

  • Promotes products and services, reaching additional customers & end-users and increasing sales

  • Offered across Southeast Asia, Europe and U.S. in 14 languages

  • $2M in Quarterly Revenue accelerating post-Covid trough w/ Gross Margins improved to 25% from ~17% level


  • AtozPay 14,000 Outlets, ~60,000 total agents

  • e-wallet payment solution for SMBs

  • Contactless point-of-sale transactions

  • Bill pay and top-up


  • AtozGo 140,000+ Active Users, ~15,000 Merchants

  • Payment solutions for local food delivery service

  • Integrated with major partners, including ShopeePay

  • (the mobile e-wallet platform of Sea Limited)

  • Additional Dispatch Services adds Upside:

  • AtozGo Residential Food and Grocery

  • AtozMall with #1 & #2 Malls in Bandung and Jakarta


Brent Suen

Executive Chairman & President

[email protected]

Tom Furukawa


[email protected]


Ron Both or Grant Stude


[email protected]

Phone (949) 432-7566



85 Broad Street, 16-079

New York, NY 10004

Phone: (808) 829-1057


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