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Identifying, acquiring and developing economic hydrocarbon reserves for supply to the Energy Sector

Norwood Resources Profile

Norwood is one of the very few international companies with a focus on Central America. Because of the historically difficult political evolution of the region and a resulting lack of significant international interest and investment, Central America is one of the last unexplored regions in the Americas other than the Canadian North, Alaska and the Arctic; all of which have significant economic and environmental barriers to exploration. The result is that Central America offers the potential for significant oil and gas discovery with superior economics as those governments open their borders to attract investment for the development of a new hydrocarbon industry in the coming years. Norwood's goal is to become the acknowledged industry leader and partner of choice in this region through the discovery of significant economic reserves. From a timing perspective, the opportunity is ripe for Norwood today, as the region is experiencing a severe energy crisis, which threatens the economic development of the member states.

Norwood's initial focus will involve the expeditious development of it's Pacific coast Nicaraguan project, which if successful will make a significant contribution towards resolving a burgeoning energy crisis and establish Norwood as an industry leader in that country.

Norwood intends to be a contributive corporate citizen in the communities in which it participates and a good steward of the lands on which it operates.

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