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Predictiv AI Inc. Profile

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Predictiv AI’s proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning platform provides predictive and prescriptive solutions in the public safety sector.

For example, the Company’s Thermal Pass Fever Detection System was recently used at a Carolina Panthers NFL game.

  • 24 medical grade sensors
  • 1,200 readings per second
  • 1 person / second
  • Factories, supermarkets, schools, office buildings, mass-transit stations, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and other high-traffic locations.
  • Received orders for 62 units of ThermalPass following the commercial launch in OCT 2020, including initial orders from hospitals, long-term care facilities and prisons in , as well as hospitals and public schools in the US;

The company has two wholly owned subsidiaries: AI Labs and Weather Telematics



  • Research and development business arm of Predictiv AI,
  • Uses deep machine learning and artificial intelligence sensor-based technology solutions to solve real-world problems
  • Developed ThermalPass™, a temperature detection system, to mitigate the spread of contagions in public places
    • 51% owns SMRT Labs JV  to commercialize ThermalPass. 49% by Commersive Solutions Corp., a developer of integrated, point-of-sale technologies
    • Commercialized ThermalPass under SMRT Labs Inc., offering two SKU's, the ThermalPass Portable and ThermalPass Pro  - ~$US 7,000





  • Launched its Alert Fleet producta road weather hazard alert system for commercial fleets.
  • Alert Fleet advises drivers of dangerous conditions, such as black ice or hydroplaning, 200 metres ahead, thus providing time to mitigate risk and avoid accidents
  • Clients in US government and expanding into insurance, agriculture and public safety 




  • AI Labs uses its proprietary artificial intelligence to target the public safety and security industries.
  • This market opportunity is projected to reach $912 billion USD by 2027
  • Predictiv AI solutions are built for the public safety, energy management, smart buildings, mobility, technology, infrastructure, and healthcare sectors.
  • These markets are expected to reach $1.56 trillion USD by 2025


  • ThermalPass helps companies and employers in the fight against COVID-19 by mitigating the spread of contagions through its temperature detection device.
  • System detects body temperature using touchless, thermal medical grade sensors, while identifying potential at-risk carriers. ThermalPass takes 1,200 temperature reading per second allowing for 60 people to pass through the device in 60 seconds.




  • Engineered in Canada
  • Designed with user privacy in mind, with Medical grade sensors, not cameras
  • Quickly moves people through any access point without stopping or slowing down
  • Easy to assemble
  •  “ThermalPass Connect” allows for wireless connectivity
  • Easily integrated with customers’ existing software

ThermalPass plays a frontline role in mitigating the spread of contagions. It provides rapid, high-volume temperature detection. This helps create safer environments for employers, employees, and customers.


ThermalPass 100 Series

MSRP: US$8,500

30% Deposit Required

ThermalPass Portable

Lighter Weight for easy transportation

* Patent Pending

Made in Canada



ThermalPass 200 Series

MSRP: US$8,900

30% Deposit Required

ThermalPass Pro

Heavy duty construction for permanent locations

* Patent Pending

     Made in Canada




Fever is the number one and most common COVID-19 symptom….The ThermalPass Temperature Detection system identifies potential risk carriers by employing multiple medical-grade infrared sensors to detect elevated body





Individuals proceed through ThermalPass at their normal walking pace –limiting lineup wait times and crowding




  • Capacity of up to 60 people per minute
  • Configurable audible and visual alerts
  • No need to remove garments
  • Accommodates wheelchairs, strollers, and groups of two (parent and child)


1.ThermalPass does not violate social distancing protocols

Most camer- based solutions require the user to be within 30 cm from the camera while ThermalPass is a touchless system.

2. ThermalPass does not encroach on one’s privacy

Unlike most camera based competitors, ThermalPass uses its sensor based technology, thus preserving the anonymity of its users.

3.ThermalPass Pricing Advantage

Average competitors' price: US$13,600; ThermalPass ’ price: $8,500 USD

4. Free Flow of Traffic

ThermalPass does not impede the free flow of traffic, unlike kiosk or wall mounted based solutions. ThermalPass allows 60 people to pass through per minute

5.Ease of Use & Maintenance

Thermal cameras require extensive calibration and are sensitive to ambient light and temperature. ThermalPass is designed for ease of use and low maintenance with consideration of ambient temperature built into the system.

6.Enterprise Integration

ThermalPass uses industry standard APIs and web relay protocols to simplify access control and security integration from video surveillance, to RFID keypads, through to turnstiles.







Advanced artificial intelligence and deep machine learning are at the core of Weather Telematics’ legacy business.

  • Generates hyper local, advanced road weather data using Weather Telematics’ patented sensors.
  • Real time alerts of hazardous road conditions from 200 meters to hundreds of kms will mitigate risk, saving money and lives.

Real-time road weather conditions and alerts include:

  • Snow, ice risks (black ice, freezing rain)
  • Hydroplaning/flooding risk
  • Low visibility risk (fog)
  • Wind and cross-wind risk
  • Hail risk
  • Lightning risk
  • Alert Fleet can be integrated into existing telematic service provider portals or available as a standalone product.
  • Alerts can be delivered inside the vehicle and to a dispatcher via email/SMS and mobile app integrations.
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