Developing the Albany Graphite Deposit

Hydrothermal Graphite Deposit with the Potential to Produce Natural, High-Purity Graphite

ZEN Graphene Solutions Profile

ZEN Graphene Solutions

Five Significant Potential Market Verticals Established:

  • Aerospace
  • Biomedical
  • Water Treatment
  • Transportation 
  • Civil engineering

Aerospace applications:

  • Graphene light-weighting, hydrogen applications, lightning strike protection, composite enhancement, solid state heat sinks, solid state wiring, leading-edge/wing de-icing, ceramic armour, radar/sonar absorption, technical/smart fabrics, personal body armour, graphene oxide (GO) in jet fuel and lighter cargo containers.

Biomedical applications:

  • Oncology treatment using graphene quantum dots (GQD) to deliver targeted therapies;
  • Diabetes, other standard diagnostic testing with functionalized GO sensors.

Water treatment:

  • Graphene-based desalination membranes and other water purification products.


  • Applications with auto makers and resin manufacturers for: heat sinks and lightweighting, graphene wires for electric motors, graphene 3-D printing apps to deliver weight savings, (GO) fuel additives (diesel and jet fuel), hydrogen economy: fuel cells, electrolysis units, next-generation fuel cells with graphene 3-D printed circuits and graphene plates.

Civil engineering:

  • Graphene additive in cement/concrete;
  • Graphene in roads/surfacing products.

Albany Graphite Deposit               

  • ZEN Graphene Solutions has discovered the largest and very rare ultra high-purity
    graphite deposit in Northern Ontario called the Albany Graphite Deposit.
  • Albany contains the largest and only high purity hydrothermal (volcanic in nature)
    graphite mineralization being developed in the world.  
  • High purity graphite is gaining prominence at a time when Zen discovered a very rare
    hydrothermal graphite deposit, which can be upgraded with very good crystallinity without the
    use of aggressive acids and high temperature thermal treatment.
  • Zen has discovered an easy and environmentally friendly process that consist of grinding, floating and caustic treatment using sodium hydroxide.
  • The company has been able to achieve an ‘extraordinary’ carbon purity result of  >99.9 percent in bench-scale tests, using this proprietary and environmentally safe method of purification



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