Canadian Mining Inc

Exploration, development & production of industrial minerals in British Columbia & precious metals properties in Arizona

Canadian Mining Company Profile

Canadian Mining Company Inc Vancouver, B.C. is a resource exploration and development company, trading on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol CNG.

The Company's Industrial Division is engaged in the exploration and mining of an industrial mineral, Zeolite, in British Columbia.

Canadian Mining Company's Precious Metals Division has now assembled a large land package in the Arizona Bullard Pass area, and aims to discover large-tonnage gold deposits along upper plate structures using the detachment fault mineralization model. The company owns 100% of a processing facility located within the vicinity of the project.

Acquisitions and strategic partnerships relating to our business will be a part of our ongoing growth and development.

Gold and Precious Metals

The Bullard Pass Project, Arizona

Canadian Mining has assembled a large land package consisting of some 4000 acres of mineral rights on unpatented claims surrounding the Bullard Mine, a past gold producer, in Arizona. The regional setting of the Bullard district is typical of detachment fault gold deposits. The geology of the Bullard district is dominated by the Bullard detachment fault.

While a range of minerals may be present in detachment faults, Canadian Mining Company Inc. has elected to concentrate on gold-copper oxide mineralization, particularly in and around the Company's Bullard Pass property and surrounding area.

Canadian Mining Company Inc. aims to discover large-tonnage gold deposits along upper plate structures, or at intersections between these structures using the detachment fault mineralization model.

Arizona, Processing Plant

Canadian Mining owns a 100% interest in a precious metals processing plant in Aguila, Arizona. The plant is in the immediate vicinity of the Company's Bullard Pass project. The facility encompasses 12 acres of rail and highway accessible industrial property which is permitted, serviced and has additional water capacity to meet production requirements

Processing Facility

A 100% interest in a precious metal processing facility in Aquila, Arizona.

The fenced and secured property contains four building structures totaling 5,850 sq.ft. of which the processing plant building is 3,500 sq.ft. and the caretaker's building is 1,000 sq.ft. In addition, there is a 750 sq.ft. laboratory and a 600 sq.ft. industrial materials storage building.

The Maricopa County Department of Planning and Development have established the non conforming use of the property for the following industrial uses for the property:

  • Assaying and testing ores and minerals.
  • General offices for records keeping, sales/marketing and shipping functions.
  • Stockpiling, leaching, milling and shipping of ores and minerals.
  • Repairing and fabricating mining and processing equipment, supplies and vehicles.
  • Loading and shipping by rail and transport trucks.
  • Storing, dismantling, cleaning and repairing all mining related equipment and vehicles.

San Bernardo Project Raquel 3 Concession Sonora, Mexico

Sonora has a wide range of mineral resources, both metallic and nonmetallic, highlighting their large deposits of copper and molybdenite, gold, silver, graphite, barite, tungsten, etc., which exploitation has placed Sonora as the number one mining state in Mexico.

The Company completed the 43-101 report in April 2008 identifying as least one skarn related mineralized zone called the El Gochico mine that was mined by Penoles during the 1980s. I will be returning to Sonora in May 2008 to initiate the Phase 1 work program on the Raquel 3.

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