Patented Science – Dramatically slows human aging

A Biotechnical Company, Protokinetix has researched and produced Anti Aging Glycoproteins (AAGP™)

ProtoKinetix Profile

August 8, 2007


ProtoKinetix, Inc. is a biotechnical company that has developed a unique business model, bringing together a vast pool of world recognized intellectual talent in a networked environment. This business model enables the company to conduct the necessary research at a fraction of the traditional cost. ProtoKinetix acquired the world-wide rights to manufacture and market a family of synthetic anti-freeze glycoproteins AAGP™.

ProtoKinetix, Inc. is dedicated to the commercial development of AAGP™ for use in human and veterinary medicine, the biotechnology industry, and the cosmetic industry. The ProtoKinetix team is making rapid and meaningful progress in this domain by using previously published research on native antifreeze proteins and glycoproteins as a guide.


ProtoKinetix owns the world wide rights to manufacture and market a family of synthetic antifreeze glycoprotein molecules - AAGP™. AAGP™ was developed by Dr. Geraldine Deliencourt-Godefroy at the Laboratoire d’Heterochimie Organique, INSA, in Rouen, France. ProtoKinetix has conducted research on many molecules within this family and have demonstrated that AAGP™ is very effective in stabilizing cell membranes, in protecting cells from harsh environmental stimuli, in significantly reducing the inflammatory response in cells, and in repairing cell damage. Cells live significantly longer in the presence of AAGP™.

The ability of AAGP™ to protect cells, to stabilize their membrane and to reduce the inflammatory response in cells suggests that there are many potential medical applications for this fascinating family of molecules. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Hypothermic storage of blood and blood products. The extension of platelet shelf life over the present limit of 5 days will dramatically enhance the ability of the world's blood banks to store and subsequently deliver this vitally needed blood product.
  • Preservation of cells, tissue and organs for transplantation
  • Preservation of cell lines and cultures for testing and research.
  • Protect tissue and organs from stressful conditions such as surgery, trauma and ischemia.
  • As an anti-inflammatory agent.
  • As an agent that can repair prior tissue damage.

Cosmetic and skin care applications for AAGP™ include:

  • Repairing damaged skin.
  • A proven "anti-aging" additive
  • Protect the skin from harsh ultraviolet radiation.
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