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Posted February 19, 2011

An investment expert is predicting that Saskatchewan's economy could continue to boom for decades.

Bob Haber says Saskatchewan is blessed with more than just oil, uranium, rare earth metals and potash.

"The demands for wheat around the world, we're seeing now, are quite strong, as the demand for protein and grain increase," said Haber, adding that the province has the land, infrastructure and water to help supply those growing demands.

Haber says the world is currently seeing a bullish trend, where developing countries are moving fast to become industrialized.

"So the amount of demand that they will continue to pile in to these resource markets, we haven't seen this before on the history of the planet."

That's why Haber predicts Saskatchewan's economic boom will last one or two DECADES rather than one or two years.

Saturday October 13th 2007 Financial Post:
"..The stock catapulted from pennies to more than $4 a share, and the big boys, such as CVRD Inco and Xstrata PLC, are already inquiring about the deposit. Noront expects one of them to eventually buy the company.

"They all want to come in and kick the tires. We'll get a big major in there to develop it eventually. This thing is getting bigger and bigger," Mr. Nemis says.

Noront's drilling is still in its early stages: Only a dozen holes have been drilled at the Double Eagle project.

But Jean-Francois Tardif, a fund manager at Sprott Asset Management (a major shareholder), calculated the company has already identified about $2-billion in value under the ground. He also pointed out that some of the drill holes have values of far more than US$1,000 per ton.

"Some mines are profitable at US$15 or US$20 per ton," he says."This would be massively profitable if it was being mined. The grade is just unbelievable." .."


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