Exploring for gold and base metals in the Abitibi Greenstone Belt

Abitibi has produced more than 180 M ounces of gold and more than 450 Mt of Cu-Zn ore to date


AGORACOM Welcomes Back Grizzly Discoveries (GZD: TSX-V)

World class gold and base metal deposits in British Columbia; and diamonds in Alberta $GZD.ca

  • More than 9 million oz Au produced or as resources in a radius of less than 70KM to Greenwood project
  • Holds, or has an interest in, metallic and industrial mineral permits for potash totaling more than 364,000 acres along the Alberta-Saskatchewan border
  • Drillholes with up to 31.1% K2O from assays on recent drill program
  • Portions of Greenwood Project being explored by Kinross through option agreement


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Namaste Announces Signing of MOU With Marijuana.Ca

  • Entered MOU with Marijuana.Ca, operator of www.marijuana.ca
  • Signing of MOU represents further achievement of the Company’s objective to increase site traffic and develop customer data in the Canadian market
  • Also coincides with the upcoming launch of www.everyonedoesit.ca, which the Company will use to further expand its position in the Canadian market



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Tetra Bio-Pharma Announces the Initiation of its Phase I Trial of dried Cannabis

  • Announces launch of its Double-Blind Phase I Study
  • Purpose to Assess Safety, Tolerability, Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics of Single and Multiple Daily Ascending Doses of Cannabis by Smoking/Inhalation in Healthy Male and Female Volunteers
  • Trial activities will occur over a 3 to 4-month period and involve site initiation, subject recruitment and enrolment, a single daily ascending dose phase and a 7-day multiple daily ascending dose phase, followed by study termination

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Still nervous about GOLD? Here are a few quotes from very credible, and closely followed analysts. “As a central bank (or an investor) with hundreds of billions in reserves, which would you rather own? The Debt obligations of a nation that is issuing increasingly more currency to cover rising fiscal deficits, or GOLD, a global currency that is not only at an all-time low compared to US debt obligations, but is being produced in lesser and lesser quantities with the current price not high enough to maintain GOLD production? Maybe, just maybe, the consensus on a ‘Stronger US Dollar’ may be wrong, and without any currency looking anywhere close to healthy enough to replace the dollar's position in investor and central bank portfolios, we think that GOLD makes the best way to play this(our) contrarian trade.”


“The GOLD price will climb above $1,500(US) in 2017, with the potential to claw back towards all-time highs in the event of a currency crisis, major war or other black swan event. December 2015 will prove to be the bottom of the correction and GOLD will once again embark on a multi-year bull cycle. The dollar may rally a bit higher, but the USD index will ultimately drop back below 100 during 2017 as government spending picks up and deficits soar (currently at $20Trillion!!). The de-dollarization trend will continue in earnest. The stock market will crash hard, retracing at least 1/3 and up to 1/2 of the gains realized since the 2008/2009 financial crisis. Equity valuations are frothy by any number of measures (25+ times earnings!!) as investors have been chasing yield in the NIRP economic environment. Once the slide begins, panicked investors will rush for the exits.” (And, where will they go? GOLD).


“Physical demand for GOLD continues to be active around the world. Central banks have been net purchasers of the yellow metal with most buying coming from Russia and China, who have been adding to national reserves. While these monetary authorities bought around 550 tons in 2015, official sector purchases this year are likely to be closer to the 400-ton level. In November, Russia bought one million ounces of GOLD. Currency issues in India have increased demand for the metal and a change in Sharia law allowing people to own GOLD and GOLD instruments could add to physical and derivative demand in the months and years ahead.”


So, given the above, our resource at the TPW, and Teck’s upcoming drill campaign, wouldn’t a position in EXS/EXSFF make sense to you? As an existing shareholder, wouldn’t averaging your holding make sense to you? Clearly, a sharp increase in the price of GOLD will lead to 30-100% gains in IAMGOLD, DETOUR, GOLDCORP & other producers, but the active GOLD explorers will see 300-500% gains, as history has proven in the past. At this time last year, EXS/EXSFF was trading at current levels, .075CDN. By the end of February, 2016, the stock was trading at .24CDN, or a gain of 320%!


The most recent MD&A indicates not only a variety of GOLD bearing opportunities for the Company to explore, and exploit in 2017, but also a healthy Treasury to make it all work. Geophysics reports at Kidd, East Bay, and the PG101 are in process; drill results at the Chester Copper Deposit trickling in, and drilling at Kidd, and the TPW will be commencing in short order.


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