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Message: ATW take over KNB; toughts

ATW take over KNB; toughts

posted on Jul 14, 2009 11:25AM

Ok, now we know what is going on. Now I know 1 deal that was the same like this one and that was between Aquarius Platinum and Ridge Mining. So what can we expect now. This is great for day trader. I mean if you push the price of ATW up then you can win with KNB, so lot of speculation. After Aquariusu has done this offer then sp rise 40%, but after the price was going down where was on the beginning. So as I wrote very good deal for speculation, you can play this game however you want. I am not sure how this deal can help ATW shareholders in this year. For long run is good, but now we can expect everything from relativly quiet stock.

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