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AGORACOM is one of North America's largest outsourced Investor Relations and Advertising firms for small cap companies. We have represented over 300 small cap companies across all industries including but not limited to technology, resources, cannabis, medical, renewable energy, oil & gas, 3D printing, esports and many more. Our clients trade on all exchanges including the NYSE and NASDAQ but we primarily focus on the TSX, TSX-V, CSE and OTCQB. The following is just a sample of the success stories that our clients have experienced over the years.

Esports Entertainment Group (OTCQB:GMBL)

Esports Entertainment Group came to AGORACOM looking to capitalize on the massive Esports space. Esports Entertainment was in the process of building an Esports betting platform and obtaining required permitting through multiple jurisdictions. As the company was obviously tied up with this massive endeavour, AGORACOM stepped in and spearheaded all aspects of the company’s investor relations and marketing. At a recent price peak, the company experienced a 62X increase relative to the price at the commencement of campaign.

*Shares For Services Program means not $1 in company cash was used to run the 12-month campaign.

Namaste Technologies Inc. (CSE: N)

Namaste came to AGORACOM as a completely new listing, very few shareholders, little brand name recognition but an established and growing vaping business. AGORACOM utilized a two-pronged strategy that focused on branding the Namaste name, as well as, educating the market about vaping (in general) and the company’s specific vapingoperations .Furthermore, as Namaste executed an impressive M&A strategy planting a firm footing in the medical marijuana space, AGORACOM was the primary vehicle used by the company to educate the market on the long-term benefits and vision of each transaction.

*Shares For Services Program means not $1 in company cash was used to run the 12-month campaign.

American Creek Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: AMK)

After a prolonged absence from the market, American Creek Resources had important corporate developments that needed to get out into the market in order to both re-invigorate their shareholder base and attract new investors. AGORACOM provided them with a mass content marketing program that included comments from 3rd party investors such as Eric Sprott and Walter Storm, the CEO of their JV partner as to the potential of their deposit. Doing so immediately provided American Creek Resources attention from gold and resource investors that didn’t know American Creek but were now interested in them, as well as, their own shareholder base that was now re-energized.

*Shares For Services Program means not $1 in company cash was used to run the 12-month campaign.

PyroGenesis Canada Inc. (TSX-V: PYR)

PyroGenesis came to AGORACOM suffering from its own success. Specifically, the Company was winning business across the world from 3 separate and Hi-Tech applications that were very difficult for investors to understand. The more great press releases the Company issued, the less investors were able to understand. AGORACOM implemented a long form video campaign that included interviews with the CEO after each major press release, video responses to shareholder questions and a screencast of the Company’s PowerPoint presentation voiced over by the CEO.

*Shares For Services Program means not $1 in company cash was used to run the 12-month campaign.

Seabridge Gold (NYSE:SA)

Seabridge Gold came to AGORACOM with a ~ $400 million market cap, a mountain of gold but a molehill of brand recognition and, worse, little recognition for the fact it had one of the largest undeveloped gold projects in the world. The Company had largely ignored retail investor relations, so AGORACOM embarked upon a “hammer” program aimed at retail investors in both the US and Canada that strictly focused on their indisputable reserve numbers. We utilized TV ads on CNBC and BNN that were supported by significant additional content on Twitter, YouTube and blog stories. Within 12 months, the Company’s market cap exceeded $900 million. Online discussion about Seabridge had never been bigger.

HPQ-Silicon Resources Inc. (TSX-V: HPQ)

HPQ- Silicon Resources is another transition story, as the company joined AGORACOM as Uragold Resources. Shifting from a bulk quartz and gold play to a processor of high purity silicon metal for the solar industry is no easy task. AGORACOM was very heavily involved in the re-branding discussions and, when the time came, deployed a marketing strategy that relied heavily on a series of Skype video interviews with the CEO in order to educate the market about its’ new but highly technical path. To this day, HPQ Silicon Resources credits our Skype video series with a significant amount of credit for educating and raising awareness within the investment community.

*Shares For Services Program means not $1 in company cash was used to run the 12-month campaign.

Marijuana Company of America (OTC: MCOA)

MCOA came to AGORACOM with a sub-penny share price on the OTC, which is typically a very difficult combination from which to build a successful investor relations campaign. However, the company was preparing to launch its inaugural product (hempSMART brain). With AGORACOMs’ track record and reputation in the Medical Marijuana/Cannabis and related space, we were able to use the company’s sub-penny share price as a positive incentive for prospective investors, which provided rapid, massive and explosive results.

*Shares For Services Program means not $1 in company cash was used to run the 12-month campaign.

Loncor Resources Inc. (TSX-V: LN)

During 2018 and much of 2019, Loncor Resources suffered from a lack of name recognition due to a lack of any marketing activity. However, the company had acquired a Tier-1 list of JV partners and investors from the gold industry. Namely, Randgold Resources, Resolute Mining and Newmont Gold. AGORACOM embarked on a “hammer” campaign in which we successfully marketed these relationships to as wide an audience as possible, including shareholders of those same companies.

*Shares For Services Program means not $1 in company cash was used to run the 12-month campaign.

Betteru Education Corp. (TSX-V: BTRU)

BetterU came to AGORACOM with a grand vision to capitalize on the government of India’s initiative to skill up millions on Indian people. Significant marketing dollars and partnerships were ready to be deployed in India but the Company had limited online awareness as a small cap education tech. AGORACOM launched an aggressive campaign that targeted both Indian investors and tech investors interested in online education. Video interviews with the CEO played a pivotal role given the complexity of online education that needed to be explained to investors.

*Shares For Services Program means not $1 in company cash was used to run the 12-month campaign.

St Georges Eco-Mining Technologies (CSE: SX)

St. Georges first came to AGORACOM with an exciting poly-metallic minerals portfolio but a very small audience due to the extended resources downturn. However, both management and members of the board also held a history of global technology success that it was going to utilize to transform the company by the way of lithium extraction and blockchain technologies. The highly technical and complicated nature of these technologies led us to implement a heavy educational component to make sure the Company’s large shareholder base could follow as it progressed. A multitude of online shareholder Q&A sessions with management, using our proprietary platform made sure the Company’s message, vision and path was very clear.

*Shares For Services Program means not $1 in company cash was used to run the 12-month campaign.

ThreeD Capital Inc (CSE: IDK)

ThreeD Capital came to AGORACOM at the Company’s infancy and, more importantly, the infancy of its investment focus in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Digital Currencies. As such, we had to implement a two-pronged approach in which we first raised awareness about the Company through it’s industry renowned CEO, Sheldon Inwentash and then, secondly, an education campaign about each area of technology for investors to comprehend the Company’s future. The technology nature of ThreeD Capital led us to put a much heavier focus on the use of social media, including Twitter photos and captions, in order to appeal to a more relevant audience.

*Shares For Services Program means not $1 in company cash was used to run the 12-month campaign.

Avalon Rare Metals (TSX:AVL)

Avalon came to AGORACOM in it’s infancy (2005) as a company with incredible rare metals projects that very few people knew about, let alone understood. It was abundantly clear the market was not going to properly value the company’s rare metals projects until they understood what rare metals are and, more importantly, the role they were about to play in the exploding role of consumer electronics. Together with CEO Don Bubar, we created a massive online education campaign that heavily focused on audio interviews (YouTube was barely on the radar then) explaining the uses of rare metals and the markets they would serve. Response from investors was incredible, as was the share price. The Avalon “education model” was so successful it became a mainstay AGORACOM program for future clients entering unchartered territories.

Tetra Bio-Pharma Inc. (CSE: TBP)

Tetra Bio-Pharma came to AGORACOM during its’ transition from a primarily MMPR company to a Cannabis Bio-Pharma company. The transition also brought a new company name and branding. AGORACOM deployed a strategy that focused heavily on branding in order to create name recognition as fast and wide as possible. Secondly, we deployed an educational strategy to help the company’s IR teamretain shareholders that had invested due to the prior MMPR emphasis.

*Shares For Services Program means not $1 in company cash was used to run the 12-month campaign.

Affinity Metals Corp. (TSX-V: AFF)

Affinity Metals had lost market attention during the prolonged downturn in the junior resources space, as well as, the mass attention of investors on hot sectors such as cannabis and blockchain. With the resurgence of the gold and resources markets in mid-2019, Affinity Metals wanted the market to know the property package it had assembled in British Columbia. AGORACOM used a combination of video CEO interview, multiple blog posts and a micro-campaign that entailed the commentary (video + text) of a Lichtenstein Asset Manager pertaining to the Company

*Shares For Services Program means not $1 in company cash was used to run the 12-month campaign.

BSM Technologies (TSX-V:GPS)

BSM Technologies was ahead of its time when it came to AGORACOM during its transition into a provider of real-time, web-based management and tracking of enterprise fleet assets. As a very new industry with little market understanding at the time, AGORACOM deployed a program that heavily relied on educating investors about how the industry would grow in the coming years. AGORACOM also played a pivotal role in convincing the Company about the benefits of rolling back its stock 1:10 from 400 million shares, which heavily weighed down the stock in its early years. The chart to the left is split adjusted and was the culmination of persistent education, business results and a clean share structure. The global financial crisis hurt BSM but it was eventually sold for well over $1/share.

Neptune Technologies (TSX-V:NTB)

Neptune Technologies & Bioressources (as it was known at the time) is another example of a Company that came to AGORACOM as an emerging company in a little understood industry. Specifically, Neptune developed nutritional products from underexploited marine biomasses, such as krill, with its patented extraction process. Fortunately, the Company was already achieving commercial success, so our education focused program had an immediate impact on investors who realized Neptune’s success and potential growth. Ultimately, the program created such momentum that AGORACOM became a victim of its own success and was no longer needed after the initial program … c’est la vie!

La Mancha (TSX:LMA)

La Mancha came to AGORACOM with meaningful gold resources and gold production but little to no market awareness. AGORACOM deployed its “hammer program” which focuses on simply distributing numbers that speak for themselves to the widest possible targeted audience of investors that are specifically interested in companies with gold production. We targeted shareholders of the largest gold producing companies in the world who already understood how undervalued La Mancha’s resources and production were.

Garibaldi Resources Corp. (TSX-V: GGI)

Garibaldi came to AGORACOM in order to enhance their shareholder communication. The company was having great success in the field but it was generally falling on deaf ears. AGORACOM implemented a marketing strategy which brought the company to the forefront of their peers in the Sheslay Valley. As a result of AGORACOM's efforts, the company experienced shareholder expansion and strong price action.

*Shares For Services Program means not $1 in company cash was used to run the 12-month campaign.

Durango Resources Inc.(DGO: TSX-V)

Durango came to AGORACOM with a portfolio of projects that were very diverse in terms of both resource and geography. It was clear that the market viewed this strategy as too diverse and did not reward the company for it. However, what the market did not understand was the very smart and strategic value of each project relative to its respective industry. AGORACOM embarked on a long campaign that educated the market about the strong strategic value of each project, as well as, raising awareness amongst investors of each neighbouring project.

*Shares For Services Program means not $1 in company cash was used to run the 12-month campaign.

Lexaria Corp. (CSE: LXX; OTCQB: LXRP)

Lexaria Corp. came to AGORACOM with a very successful oil & gas business generating meaningful revenues but growth challenged due to the capital intensive nature of the industry. Lexaria management quickly identified the opportunity to leverage its O&G revenue to enter into the Medical Marijuana industry in the very early days. The company had a strong existing shareholder base but had to formulate a strategy to convey its shift into MM, while also attracting MM investors who wouldn’t be put off by the Company’s O&G foundation. AGORACOM implemented a two-prong strategy that educated current investors about the growth prospects within MM, while showing MM investors the O&G business would provide Lexaria with a foundation of stability as it established its MM business.

*Shares For Services Program means not $1 in company cash was used to run the 12-month campaign.

Lomiko Metals (TSX-V:LMR)

Lomiko Metals came to AGORACOM to take advantage of our ad program with a specific focus on Graphite. With the use of banner ads and skyscraper ads on our highly trafficked website we were able to deliver a high number of ad impressions resulting in many click throughs. Lomiko is also featured on We have put the company and their Quatre Milles property right in the scope of multiple small cap investors.

*Shares For Services Program means not $1 in company cash was used to run the 12-month campaign.

Evolving Gold Corp. (TSX-V:EVG)

Evolving Gold came to AGORACOM with a strong portfolio of gold projects. However, the industry is often overshadowed by large cap producers. AGORACOM implemented a very aggressive campaign with key tactics that include bi-monthly industry bulletins, key word search program and regular webcast interviews with the President and CEO to provide investors with a better understanding of the company's core asset.

Star Navigation (TSX-V:SNA)

Star Navigation Systems came to AGORACOM as it developed the ISMSTM in-flight safety monitoring system - the first system in the world to feature in-flight data monitoring and diagnostics with a "real-time" secure connection between aircraft and ground, made possible through current technology and satellite transmission. AGORACOM quarterbacked an aggressive online marketing campaign, through webcasts, e-blasts, multi-media interviews and a key word search campaign. As a result of the efforts of AGORACOM, Star Navigation experienced an increase in share price and volume.

*Shares For Services Program means not $1 in company cash was used to run the 12-month campaign.

Banro Corporation (TSX:BAA)

Banro came to AGORACOM with four wholly-owned properties along a major gold belt of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Company has identified 6.72 million ounces of Measured and Indicated Resources, plus Inferred Resources of 4.46 million ounces. Based on the company's existing accomplishments, AGORACOM was able to amplify the company's exposure to the marketplace.

Noront Resources (TSX-V:NOT)

Noront Resources came to AGORACOM with a significant VMS property but had a limited audience and a flat stock price. AGORACOM was able to successfully formulate an IR and marketing strategy for the Company so that it could fully reap the benefits of the recent rise in popularity of the resource sector. AGORACOM brought Noront Resources to the main stage of the financial community.

D’Arianne Resources (TSX-V:DAN)

Arianne came to AGORACOM in order to take advantage of AGORACOM's Web 2.0 tools to communicate the company's message with both current and prospective shareholders. With strong fundamentals already in place, AGORACOM was able to build the existing shareholder base by announcing an online marketing plan and increased communications with shareholders.

Gratomic Inc. (TSX-V: GRAT)

Gratomic first came to AGORACOM as “CKR Carbon”, a name that we strongly recommended be changed due to its lack of marketability and inability to convey the company’s focus on commercializing its graphite into high-value graphene products. We not only recommended the name change, we led the process of researching names that checked important marketing boxes, followed by a highly sophisticated ranked voting system to objectively choose the new name from a list of 20 candidates. *Shares For Services Program means not $1 in company cash was used to run the 12-month campaign.

*Shares For Services Program means not $1 in company cash was used to run the 12-month campaign.