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Message: Broadening Wedge

Recently I've been looking at chart patterns that are less talked about than the common patterns we see all the time and started to look for them in my scans. In the case of Aberdeen it was a Broadening Wedge, where the price move between two widening trend lines. There's not much written about this type of chart pattern that I can find and I've only seen it mentioned twice in my collection of Technical Analysis books I've read (over 30 of them so far). So by looking at this chart, it might still be too early to take a position in it as I expect it to bounce off the bottom orange trend line before making its next leg up, but I have added it to my watch list with an alert to notify me when the price move above the top downwards trend line.

But this may be a little too conservative of an entry for some (including myself). What I will be looking at is a continued decline to about $0.80 where it should be touching the bottom orange trend line and them wait for the Slow Stoch indicator to start turning upwards like it did the last time it started to move up (highlighted by the red circle in the Slow Stoch chart). At that point an entry at $0.85 would be good with a stop loss as the yellow support line at $0.82 or just below that. First target would be resistance at $0.96 for gains of 12.9%. The high target of this play would be the top orange trend line which in about a month or so should be around $1.30 for high gains of 52.9%.

See chart here

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