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Message: NFK

This one is a real flier. HUGE risk, HUGE reward. I have flipped twice now for about $10k, but I am thinking of going long.

Long story short, the stock ran from .03 to .30 cents on the hopes BNH-1 well would be successful. Then it crashed, big time from .30 down to .08ish because of an "issue" with the perfing of the well. Management says "whats the big deal, the perfing never even went off because the charges were expired". A camera should be here very soon to confirm. If the well wasn't perfed there is a very good chance this will run to pre-issue levels, or close to it.

That in itself is the gamble. If the well isn't damaged and management is true to their word, this will again rise quite significantly and then potentially much much much higher if the well actually hits. This is a $1+ stock with a good well. Concensus says this area is a gusher. I will be looking to re-enter quite heavily around the .10 to .12 cent level and at least hold for what I believe will be a very significant speculation run once the camera arrives. I will monitor the trading and decide whether I will hold on for flow rates or dump the spec run. Good luck.


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