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Alto Ventures Ltd.: Alto-Wescan Finalize Drill Contract for Mud Lake Project, Beardmore-Geraldton Gold Belt

Message: ATV Promise for 2017 great properties

Good summary on ATV. I have been "in" since 2008! Lots of patience but your posting are the reasons why I have stuck it out.

The ducks seem to be falling into line. ATV have focused on Oxford Lake now. Good results from previous operators. 

ATV now have some money (not enough) but enough to explore the property and hopefully can come up with good results.

The gold price seems to be simmering before an upward thrust. Next few weeks could give us a clue as to when.

Mr Mazur seems very bullish on Oxford Lake. (refer to videos).

Once they are able to report good grades and widths then the share price should respond very well especially if gold breaks out above $1400. A higher price = can raise more money with less dilution. Also they could (if the property shows signs of being commercial) find a JV pattner to develop property.

I am more optimistic now than during all the time that I have held these shares.

All the best to you

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