Aurelian Resources Was Stolen By Kinross and Management But Will Not Be Forgotten

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posted on Aug 08, 2008 09:50PM

Hawnkoa, you are on the right path but don't need to revert to the "old school" tactics to get the job done. It is too expensive and too time consuming.

Rather, I would encourage all of you to use the following Web 2.0 techniques to get the message out to all Aurelian shareholders:

  1. The Aurelian HUB on AGORACOM. Keep posting great, constructive and sensible information that investors can absorb. Right now, over 500,000 pages of info have been viewed on this HUB over the past month --- AND the daily figures are accelerating. As such, this is your strike point -- but you need to keep attracting other investors by using the tactics below
  2. Other Stock Discussion Forums. Get to all major SDF's (Stockhouse, Yahoo, etc.) , let them know you are amassing here, show the media coverage and get them over here to create greater mass and momentum.
  3. YouTube Videos. Tape a 3-5 minute message about why the Kinross deal is insufficient and post it to YouTube. Make sure to tag them with "Aurelian Resources" and "Kinross" so others can find them. Also, send those video messages to the list of people you have already been contacting. Media, bloggers, other companies, etc. Don't forget to post the YouTube link as your video message inside your AGORACOM Profile.
  4. Press releases. AGORACOM will pay to issue a a press release on behalf of all Aurelian members. I suggest the HUB Leaders come up with a solid draft and have us put on the finishing polish.
  5. Blogs. Reach out to influential Canadian/business bloggers about this story. They are always looking for good content and a very viral way to get the message out. AGORACOM will begin reaching out to many of them over the next few days. If someone has already covered the story on their blog, make sure to post comments at the end of the story as this will provide further momentum.

We don't think it is a coincidence that shareholders have to tender shares by September 3rd, making opponents to the deal fight it while most investors are on vacation in August and over Labor Day.

As such, the fastest and farthest reaching way to get to shareholders anywhere in the world is via the web.

You guys have done an unbelievable job already, these are just additional tips to help accelerate the process. We'll cover the cost of a couple of press releases over the next 2-3 weeks, as well as, reach out to all the bloggers we know in a show of AGORACOM support for the great work being done here.

ONE FINAL TIP: We know everyone is emotionally charged up and have every right to be. Keep posting with energy but lets keep the language/rhetoric to a minimum. You have captured the attention of many influential people across the media, web and this industry. As such, put your best foot forward and let the facts do the talking.

Best Regards,
George (Writing from Niagara Falls as the wife and kids snooze behind me!)

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