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Message: Noticable downward trend...

It appears the run up to $1.95pps may have been do to the $40,000 promotion by BULM in 2011. Since this OTCQB company is not listed on any exchange or unable to attract financing.

IMO, in order to raise funds they decided to create an offering of 10 million shares to be sold at prehaps at a discount of $1.25pps to raise operating capital. Looks to me due to pps volatility their fund raising scheme appears to be dead.

In addition to that bad news and their apparent loss, the lawsuit appears to tied up for 10 years, coupled with the drop of gold price which has adversely affected their 1% Newmont smelter royalty deal, it looks like BULM is back to square one. I wonder with all this bad news, how the price support will hold up?.

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