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Message: I am done !

Re: I am done !

posted on Apr 08, 2009 09:11AM

gwtw, there isn't much that retail investors can do to end the manipulation. that will unravel in its own good time, according to the actions of the funds and institutions that control and manage the markets.

i have come to the conclusion that there are two groups at war with each other. on one side is a group of rich men who run mining companies and manage precious metals mutual funds, and the market analysts who follow them.

on the other side is a group of even richer men who run the bullion banks, the large financial institutions, the us treasury and fed; in short, what gata calls the gold cartel.

neither group could care less about small investors. the mining and resource people may have common interests with us, but they aren't going to rock the boat unless and until it is to their advantage to do so. if a mining company needs financing from a bank, or land permits from the government, it is not going to do anything to anger the bank or the government. when a mining company makes a significant discovery, you can expect the execs to sell out (for shares and stock options) and take the money and run, leaving retail investors out in the cold.

that's just the way it is. but the scheme will eventually fall apart once monetary demand for silver and gold swamps the available supply. the markets for silver and gold bullion are now under greater stress than ever, and if i had to place a date on it, i would guess that things will start to unravel when the us mint halts production of the 2009 silver eagles. i expect that will be this summer, and then the premium for silver (and gold) coins and bullion will become much larger.

that's just my opinion. your mileage may vary.

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