Significant gold resource - Excellent infrastructure

Camino Rojo Mexico : In-situ - 4.0 million ounces gold; 68.32 million ounces of silver.

Message: The US Achilles Heel

The US Achilles Heel

posted on Sep 06, 2008 02:31PM

This is a piece of a long but well written article that is very enjoyable to read even more than once.

"Since Russia, China, and the Arabs own so much gold, they are motivated to endorse the plan that comes, the plan in place, the plan that needs only the trigger events. Powerful foreign entities are increasingly angered by the price decline in gold, as US paperhanger conmen fraud kings have intervened to do harm to foreign savings accounts. Perhaps foreign entities will hatch an event, whose trigger remains unclear. Perhaps they will permit unwitting reckless US leaders to proceed down the path, where they continue to fall into traps, where doors continue to close behind them. In any newly established vacuum could quickly come new gold-backed currencies. Two are already planned, whose launch date is uncertain but clearly tied to the upcoming plan. The Arabs, Chinese, and Russians have accumulated gigantic reserves, much of which is held in the form of US$-based securities. These nations and peoples are not friends of the United States. Recent friendship has been a convenience for them and a trap for Americans. Arabs have an extremely uneasy alliance with Americans, who continue to trumpet their war against (Islamic) terrorism."

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