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Message: NEWS from Vegas CES Show

NEWS from Vegas CES Show

posted on Jan 07, 2010 09:57AM

CelLynx Introduces Award-Winning 5BARz(TM) Road Warrior at CES 2010

2010-01-07 09:17 ET - News Release


CES, North Hall, iLounge Booth # 4231 -- CelLynx Group, Inc. (OTCBB: CYNX) (www.cellynx.com) today announced the official launch of its new 5BARz(TM) Road Warrior, the industry's first consumer-ready, portable plug 'n play cell signal booster.

A winner of the International CES Innovations 2010 Design and Engineering Awards, 5BARz Road Warrior delivers full cell phone signal strength and up to 20x faster Internet in "dread" zones with the weakest network carrier coverage. The device can be used from any location where power is available, including vehicles, homes, offices or hotel rooms. Unlike the more costly conventional, professional-grade cell phone boosters or repeaters, the 5BARz Road Warrior requires no installation, external cabling or antennas.

"We rely on cell phones for business, emergencies and to stay in touch with loved ones," said Daniel Ash, CelLynx President and CEO. "As the single most important lifeline that gets us through our day, the cell phone should be expected to work at all times. By delivering faster Internet and clear, un-dropped calls even in areas with very faint signals, the 5BARz Road Warrior corrects a critical shortcoming in wireless technology."

FCC approved for continuous operations, the 5BARz Road Warrior delivers:

--  Easy set-up with no external antennas or complicated installation --
just plug the unit in wherever power is available
-- Maximum signal strength and reception with fewer dropped calls and
faster Internet (including 3G) in cars, homes, offices or travel
-- Guaranteed coverage for all nationally advertised cell phone coverage
maps, indoors or outdoors
-- Compatibility with full-band U.S. cellular and full-band U.S. PCS
-- Extended battery life by enabling mobile devices to perform more
efficiently on the available signal strength
-- Simultaneous boosting of multiple mobile devices, in the same vehicle
or room, including phones and laptops
-- Up to 20x faster Internet speeds in areas with the weakest network
carrier signal

"Cellular networks were originally built for outdoor use, and though demand has sparked widespread indoor use, carrier network infrastructure has not been able to adapt, leading to the common occurrence of poor and lost reception," said Barry George, CelLynx chief marketing officer. "The 5BARz Road Warrior may be the only product at CES that improves the life of all attendees -- effectively mitigating this infrastructure deficiency and enabling clear reception practically anywhere."

Available today at a suggested retail price of $299, the 5BARz Road Warrior is available on 5BARz.com and other etailers and includes:

--  12-Volt (cigarette lighter) adapter for in-vehicle use and a power
supply for indoor use
-- Money-back coverage guarantee as long as there is a signal according
to carrier coverage maps

About CelLynx Group, Inc.

Headquartered in Mission Viejo, California, CelLynx produces and markets breakthrough plug 'n play mobile phone signal amplification technology. (See www.5BARz.com). CelLynx 5BARz(TM) Road Warrior is the first portable, plug 'n play device delivering faster internet and clearer calls to mobile phones being used indoors or in vehicles.

Unlike competing technologies, CelLynx's patent-pending 5BARz(TM) technology does not require any installation, outside antennas or cables. It capitalizes on widespread customer dissatisfaction with indoor and vehicular cell phone coverage, and on the phenomenal worldwide growth of voice, data and video applications on cellular networks.

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