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Message: Update / exit notes from the CES show "News Release"

Update / exit notes from the CES show "News Release"

posted on Jan 19, 2010 05:20PM

CelLynx CES 2010 Debut of 5BARz(TM) Road Warrior Jumpstarts Sales and Marketing Campaign

2010-01-19 12:26 ET - News Release


CelLynx Group, Inc. (OTCBB: CYNX) (www.cellynx.com) today announced its new 5BARz(TM) Road Warrior, the industry's first consumer-ready, portable plug 'n play cell signal amplifier, was successfully unveiled at the International CES Show in Las Vegas last week.

"We were overwhelmed," said CelLynx Chief Marketing Officer Barry George. "We knew we had a great product, but the crowds around our booth and demand for meetings from retailers, distributors and rep firms exceeded even our expectations. It doesn't take long for people to see what the 5BARz Road Warrior does: solve the greatest challenge cellular users confront daily, poor coverage and slow Internet."

"Each year, cell phones get far smarter, more powerful and cellular users naturally expect their mobile reception will also keep pace with the telecom technology state of the art. But it doesn't," Mr. Barry said. "Quite the opposite, robust smart phone functionality continues to outstrip the network carriers' ability to provide the signal strength required for an optimal wireless voice, video and data experience. Until now. Until 5BARz."

The Company's 5BARz Technology, which eliminates the need for external antennas or installation while providing a consistent 5BARz signal for voice and data, works for all carriers in the U.S. and Canada and most of Mexico, Central and South America.

"It started on my kitchen counter," CelLynx President and CEO Daniel Ash said. "Unable to work from my home office due to lack of cellular coverage, I knew there had to be a better way to amplify the cellular signal in a plug 'n play device. Nearly ten years later at CES, driven by the flashy introduction of advanced new smart mobile devices, I was impressed with the editors', carriers' and distributors' acute interest in the future of cellular technology and CelLynx's role helping network carriers better serve their customers."

A winner of the International CES Innovations 2010 Design and Engineering Awards, 5BARz Road Warrior delivers full cell phone signal strength and up to 20x faster Internet in "dread" zones with the weakest network carrier coverage. The device can be used from any location where power is available, including vehicles, homes, offices or hotel rooms. Unlike the more costly conventional, professional-grade cell phone boosters or repeaters, the 5BARz Road Warrior requires no installation, external cabling or antennas.

Several independent rep firms attending CES could not wait for their CelLynx contracts to be finalized, and brought some of their major online and brick & mortar retail clients to meet with the Company directly at the show.

"We met with a virtual who's who of distribution and retail this week," Mr. George added. "CES also provided the opportunity to complete our negotiations with key partners for our Web 2.0 Marketing Plan including Public Relations, Demand Generation and Logistics."

The 5BARz Road Warrior is available today at a suggested retail price of $299 at www.5BARz.com.

About CelLynx Group, Inc.

Headquartered in Mission Viejo, California, CelLynx produces and markets breakthrough plug 'n play mobile phone signal amplification technology. (See www.5BARz.com). CelLynx 5BARz(TM) Road Warrior is the first portable, plug 'n play device delivering faster internet and clearer calls to mobile phones being used indoors or in vehicles.

Unlike competing technologies, CelLynx's patent-pending 5BARz(TM) technology does not require any installation, outside antennas or cables. It capitalizes on widespread customer dissatisfaction with indoor and vehicular cell phone coverage, and on the phenomenal worldwide growth of voice, data and video applications on cellular networks.

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