Targeting the $5 BILLION Soft Tissue Repair Market

Chitogenx is in the regulatory lead for regenerative products + signs MOU with major Medical Institute

Message: VIDEO – Chitogenx Completes Initial Portion of Rotator Cuff Repair Clinical Trial. Signs MOU With Major Medical Institute.

VIDEO – Chitogenx Completes Initial Portion of Rotator Cuff Repair Clinical Trial. Signs MOU With Major Medical Institute.

posted on Dec 13, 2022 12:39PM

Have you ever torn your ACL? Rotator Cuff? Cartilage? How about someone you know … or a favourite athlete like one of these NFL players?

We wouldn’t blame you if you thought the care and repair of these kinds of injuries is standard and highly successful …. but you would be wrong.  There is a MASSIVE problem with surgery failure rates for each of these as follows:

  • ACL 30%
  • Rotator Cuff 40-50% Failure Rate
  • Meniscus 20-40%
  • Cartilage 15-35%

ChitogenX is dedicated to the development of its proprietary RESTORE technology to improve tissue healing and the success rate of orthopedic and sports medicine surgeries for injuries related to tendons, ligaments and cartilage such as the meniscus.

In layman’s terms the company has developed a platform that delivers biologics – drugs made from biological processes – to repair soft tissues in the human body.   

$CHGX is well into clinical trials and, as a result, is considered to be “in the regulatory lead for regenerative products” .  To this end, the Company just announced Chitogenx Successfully Completes Initial Portion Of Its U.S. Phase I/Ii Rotator Cuff Repair Clinical Trial that resulted in the following:

  • No safety issues, no adverse events, reported in initial portion of clinical trial 
  • All duly contracted sites now actively recruiting to complete Phase I/II patients' enrollment 

CEO Philippe Deschamps stated:

Every year, hundreds of thousands of patients undergo rotator tear repair surgery with a significant percentage still experiencing a high failure rate. We believe ORTHO-R to be the ideal biopolymer transport system and scaffold to provide the needed residency for biologics delivered to repair sites to help address this and other high unmet medical need," 


Rotator Cuff TEAR – $600M

• 4m patients + 600,000 annual surgeries in the U.S. alone


Meniscus Tear Repair – $1B

• There are 700k surgeries annually in U.S. alone


Cartilage Lesions Repair - $1B

• 120,000 surgeries and a lack of options



$CHGX is getting so much attention for its ability to improve the success rate of orthopedic and sports medicine surgeries, that it is now in talks for verticals beyond orthopedic tissue repair to improve the natural healing process of body tissues.


For example, in partnership with California Medical Innovations Institute, $CHGX will be evaluated in the resection of the human pancreas - as is done for various tumors - which is often compromised by leakage of damaging enzymes that lead to a stormy, and expensive post-operative course. The concept of using ChitogenX proprietary solution to address this problem would be clinically and economically meaningful.


Now sit back, relax and watch this powerful interview. 

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