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Message: Our Freewest Shares this Week

Our Freewest Shares this Week

posted on Feb 11, 2010 05:50PM


I Just love it...

Monday.......... -1.16




On the week so far..... $4.21

This is one stock with carefull planning can be bought and sold thru-out the day.

Just look at the ranges this stock plays in from its highs and lows.

Go to Cliffs web site and under Iinvestors tab , click on Stock Chart which brings you to Historical Charts and Historical Data, here you can get current data or you can put in date and year ranges.

I also think this stock will split again in the not to distant future, I believe this stock would have split when it got up to about $120.00 back in 2007, but the markets crashed.

Since then Cliffs has been Building the Company and has roped in more assets by obtaining other Companys including the latest, Freewest.

I see only positive things with this Company, CLIFFS.

Just my thoughts.

Have a great nite


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