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Message: Sifontes sees return to its prodigal son
APOTHEOSIS IN SIFONTES Domingo, 11 of March of 2012

After a judicial process that from to 2005 maintained it remote of its municipality, Carlos Chancellor returned east Saturday to Sifontes, where it was received with a bath of rain and town.

In the return caravan they were Andres Velasquez, candidate to governor, and the competing aspirings to the mayorships of Sucre, Cedeño, Cheeping, Father Pedro Chien, Roscio and the Pebble.

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The caravan crossed good part of the state Bolivar

From 2005, it only could arrive to the Kabayape bridge, pasadero where the Pebble culminates the municipality. Until that place, the Venezuelan law allowed Carlos Chancellor to approach its family. But yesterday, after seven years, it crossed small planchón and it returned to his house located in Tumeremo, Sifontes municipality.

A caravan that divided from redoma Pineapple, in Ordaz Port, accompanied it in its return. Upata, Guasipati and saw it to the Pebble happen. Each candidate to the mayorships of those municipalities, that represent the Table of the Democratic Unit, was integrated itself to cross the populations of the south, accompanied by the candidate to the Interior by the state Bolivar, Andres Velasquez and the deputy of the National Assembly Américo De Grazia.

To the route they went adding following and friendly of the different visited populations, one long row of motorised vehicles and that traveled to arrive, finally, to the population that saw be born to Chancellor.

Of tears and everything
Women, men and children hoped in the entrance of the population. But between that one multitude, one wrinkled lady of skin hoped in a corner along with its husband, Jaime, and the children and grandsons of both. It was Flower Maria de Chancellor, mother of Carlos.

On that one face furrowed by lines of expression, incessant tears ran that showed the aim of a drama, one long hope that cleared moments to him of calmness.

“We waited for so much and to see it is here as a dream, but Carlos never lost the desire to fight. I give him thanks to God that already is with us”, exclaimed Flower Maria while it saw its son embrace with hundreds of inhabitants who hurried to receive it.

“It knew that it was going to return”
Finally and after a touching route, where the tears, the hugs and gestures of affection did not stop, Carlos Chancellor one mounted in a platform to speak to him to people.

Chancellor was received by its family

“This miner returned today fortified to help his town. Thanks, God, to allow me to encounter again to me with my people, my mother, my papa, my family and you”, shouted Chancellor, accompanied by a strident applause.

“All that time that I was in the jail I had the strength to resist because it knew that it was going to return and that was going to have the support of this municipality that, until being imprisoned, chose to me like its mayor”, it expressed to alive voice, doing a retrospective one than it has been his history for almost eight years.

He remembered that he was stopped in 2005, when was councilman, defendant to be implied in protests against the multinational company Canadian Crystallex, and being in prison in 2008 mayor of Sifontes was chosen, but he could not exert the position to be disqualified politically.

In 2009 he was condemned to seven years and 22 days of prison, but already he had fulfilled part of the sentence while he was imprisoned in soothes of Patrol crafts of Caroní from 2005.

On all that critical moment, Chancellor recalled yesterday, and although it expressed that it was not a easy way, was thankful to the friendly that found and which have been their companions of fight: Rubén González and William Saud, with those who he was in March of 2011 in strike during the Operation Freedom, undertaken by a group of young people and who managed to release to Chancellor provisionally, but the Supreme Court of Justice ordered to revoke the measurement of freedom granted previously. Then he prohibited himself him to leave the state Bolivar and the country without the authorization of the authorities, as well as to visit the locality of Tumeremo. He recognized the support of Andres Velasquez, Américo De Grazia, Henry Aryan and of the other candidates of the MUD.

A persecuted politician
“This is act in tribute to freedom, to La Paz and to fight of town mining, because Carlos is a persecuted politician, but today we want to say him to governor and to Government national, jailed who it, that was mistaken, because in April of next year Carlos Chancellor he will be the new mayor of the Sifontes municipality”, exclaimed Andres Velasquez when taking the word.

For deputy Américo De Grazia the greater error of the Government went to retain to Carlos Chancellor, “because now Chancellor and Tumeremo are passing him invoice and invoice is passing him to Rangel, that was the one who ordered not to give the release of a prisoner ticket”.

Raiza González. “It is an emotion to see it with us again, we only want that he is again our mayor, because for us he is a father, a brother and a friend”.

Maru Side. “All this cleared the possibility of seeing him grow to its children, everything what lived was an injustice but finally it is with us to continue fighting”.

Jaime Chancellor. “It is an immense joy to have again son here. As much happiness is inexplicable”.

“It is not worth to surrender”

For Carlos Chancellor this is a new opportunity to continue fighting, to vindicate the fight by the miner and a town that requests opportunities. Yesterday, in front of his friendly and followers, it was committed to fulfill the communities, the districts and with a municipality that has supported as much to him. “From today I will work by you, you taught who me that she is not worth to surrender, and that is the message, it is necessary to fight, for that reason I request much force to them and I thank to them to follow here with me”, expressed Chancellor to take leave of its town and, finally, to arrive after seven years at its house in the street the Border, of Tumeremo.

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