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Message: Will Venezuela Pay Out $1.4B?

You are correct, it is only my theory. Without communication or documents that are unredacted it is impossible to know for sure. I will agree VZ wants to delay as they always do but what is the reason for Tenor to just sit back and do nothing. My searches haven't produced one bit of information about Tenor and VZ since last fall. Why are they not back in court?

Tenor are active in the US seeking to get the award enforced - their strategy is not the same as GRZ or Exxonmobil (who by the way haven't done too well, I think they are down to under $200 million now, from $1.6 billion).

You sound like you know what they are doing to get the award enforced. Please enlighten me and the board what you mean by active? If I'm wrong in my theory it would make me happy. I had no problem admitting it is my theory, do you have a reason not to support your comment they are active with facts.

We are not privy to Tenor's strategy (although we have good clues). The only delay in the US has been from VZ. Speak to someone who you trust who might actually know.

I don't know anyone who knows the reason for the delay. I used to call RM and even spoke to Fung in the past. Too bad I was mislead by them. You say it is all VZ fault. OK I can go with that but how do you know? You said you have pretty good clues to Tenors strategy. What are they? Help us understand why Tenor has been dormant since last fall.

Ask Gowling or the opt in committee. I wouldn't rely on forum posts especially as you have already been misled.

I don't believe I have been mislead. The article link I posted showed the short time frame for an enforcement order. The order in Canada was under 6 months. Why are we closing in on a year in the US?

I don't subscribe to conspiracy theories ... but if you want to that's your choice. To be honest what you or I believe in this matter has no consequence.

Tenor run the show, have so far done a good job and although they completely screwed us, that's just the way it is.

There my friend is the rub. You think Tenor has done a good job. The only people who would be happy with what Tenor has done is Tenor themselves. I guess I should add the Crystallex management waiting by the trough to that group.

You seem content with the idea we got screwed. You seem to approve of what Tenor has done. While it is only my theory, you seem to have a lot of knowledge of Tenor and what they are doing and why.


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