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Crystallex International Corporation is a Canadian-based gold company with a successful record of developing and operating gold mines in Venezuela and elsewhere in South America

Message: VZ has always paid.

For those who are worried about VZ paying I suggest to you that they have always paid but want to delay as long as possible. The worry over only 10 Billion in reserves is a non issue. If VZ defaults then they would need to go to the IMF for money. The IMF would only supply the money if VZ paid off their award obligations owed through an ICSID. The ICSID and World Bank are connected. 

Defaulting doesn't wipe out VZ obligation to us!

If Tenor/Kry pushed to have the VZ award recogonised in the US it would start the ball rolling to getting paid. VZ in default has no access to credit so they would need to deal with the award immediately.

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