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Message: Diadem Completes Ground Magnetic Survey

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Darnley Bay receives Inuvialuit land exploration permit

2008-09-04 15:51 ET - News Release

Mr. Stephen Reford reports


The Environmental Impact Screening Committee (EISC) has determined that Darnley Bay Resources Ltd.'s application for exploration of the Darnley Bay anomaly, for base metals and diamonds, will have no significant negative environmental impact, and may proceed without an environmental impact assessment and review.

In June, 2008, the company submitted an application to the EISC for a permit to carry out mineral exploration on the Inuvialuit lands surrounding Paulatuk, NWT. On Sept. 2, 2008, the EISC issued a letter to the company stating that, subject to a final decision by the licensing or permitting authority, the issuance of appropriate permits and approvals for the exploration program may proceed. On Sept. 4, the company was informed by the Aurora Research Institute in Inuvik that it had been issued the necessary permit to carry out the work, in accordance with the NWT Scientists Act, subject to the environmental terms and conditions recommended by the EISC.

The exploration program described in the application provides for the following to occur in specified areas of the 7 (1) (a) lands and portions of the 7 (1) (b) lands selected by the company (see map at the company's website):

  1. Geological sampling -- Prospecting and sampling for base metals and diamonds over near-surface targets, interpreted from aeromagnetic data and mapped geology;
  2. Airborne gravity survey -- The survey will greatly improve the density and quality of coverage over the Darnley Bay gravity anomaly, to refine the targets located during the recent 3-D modelling, to locate new targets and to prioritize the targets for drilling.
  3. Airborne electromagnetic survey -- The survey will focus on the gabbro sills that are mapped or interpreted from aeromagnetic data, to locate base metal targets for drilling.
  4. Lake bathymetry and river flow studies -- These are required to determine the optimal sources of water for drilling.

The company is currently soliciting a contractor to supply two drills, crews and equipment for near-surface targets and the intrusive source.

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