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Message: Open above yesterday's close

Chrism, no one is going to hold it against you.  It's your first day on the job!  Let's cut him some slack here guys... :)

The $1.00 mark a very psychological one for investors.  Chrism you are much more a fundamentalist than I am.  I look at charts, take a quick look to FA and what the company does, and I make a gut feeling on "yea" or "nay". 


Diagnos is a long term play.  We've all said that.  They have great applications (software) and with yesterday's announcement, the future looks very good (on a P/E ratio and quarterly earnings).


What is interesting in yesterday's press release is the statement "...signature of a service agreement for a large targeting project based on 50 elements with an important private Canadian investment group.". 


What's interesting you ask???  "Private Canadian Investment Group."


This is not a Sage Gold or a MacDonald Mines or a Lexam Exploration or even a US Gold Corp renewing a contract for additional services, it's a Private Canadian Investment Group that is contracting for services.  So who are the private investment groups in Canada???


McEwen is the first to mind (given that 6 of his exploration companies use Diagnos software), Pinetree Capital, IBK Capital Corp???  All good choices.  All Canadian investment companies.


If I had to pick one, I'd say McEwen.


Where does this bring me to?  McEwen has one technology company in his porfolio, Cyberplex (CX.V).  They have 42.7 mil share outstanding, Diagnos has 40.2 million.  From reading up on McEwen, he like to invest into companies that have less than 50 million shares outstanding.


Do I think McEwen will invest into Diagnos, if not buy them out, the answer to that is "Yes", if Diagnos indentifies targets and they prove to be of economical value.


Think about it...  If this company can identify targets based on data without an exploration company having to punch holes all over their property, what do you think that information is worth???


Do you think McEwen would not like to have 2% NSR royalties on providing this service of other companies?  What do you think HIS companies would be worth if they had this software???


Remember, he's the one predicting tht gold will reach $2500 in 2010 and will eventually hit $5000 in 10 years. 


If Diagnos' software proves itself to be valuable in identifying potential targets, the current share price of $1.00 (or $40.2 million to take over) is well worth it!


Okay,  okay...  So by the time it's proves itself shares will be trading at 10 times today's price :)


PS:  This is not pumping or bashing, it is the thoughts of CGB and I am not affiliated in any way, shape or form to Diagnos.  Nor does my current employer agree or disagree with said statements.


Just had to get that out of the way...


Remember, always do your own DD before investing in any stocks.





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