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Message: Where are we going???

Where are we going???

posted on Apr 08, 2008 03:37PM

As I am still new in the investing game and still leaning TA (I'm told that I will never graduate 'cause there's always something to learn), I'd like to post my thoughts on ADK as I see them...

We opened yesterday on where I thought we were going to be by the end of last week, at $0.95 and closed at $0.90. Today we opened at $0.90 and closed at $0.91.

From my TA, we are still within our growth channel (and the bottom end) but our share price is now below the 13 moving agerage, we've had a downside MACD crossover and the negative ADX trend is getting stronger.

If we can close above $0.93 tomorrow we might re-challange the $1 mark. If we don't, we may see a side back down to our last support for $0.85.

Which brings me to my second point...

I always love to go back and re-read press releases to see if I've missed something in them and guess what... Our private placement dated January 21st with a 4 month holding period on the shares. They will become available on May 21st on the market at $0.85.

Now I'm certainly not an expert on the matter, but we may see our share price go back around or slightly above it as May 21st gets closer.

I'm still in and still holding long term, but would love to hear from others who have more experience than I do.


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