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Message: Redo?

" So for all we know there is not even any gold there. I am growing tired of the drama." This is BS.

A colleague of mine has visited Mkuvia and found gold in every pan, in every rock type, across many Kms. So maybe you know something that many independent eyes that have been there don't... have you been there? What special knowledge do you have?

The grades reported in the now retracted NR are reasonable given the number of independent reports on the number of "colors" in each pan. In the future all NR will be reviewed by a NI-43-101 qualified person. Because Harp is Canadian and has offices in Vancouver, the BCSC is requiring the company act as if it is a Canadian company. This is a good thing in my opinion,the drama comes from confusion about what standard DLKM needs to follow. I am glad that they know now and that 43-101 cannot be ignored and future News Releases will meet the 43-101 standard.

The last NR cleared the decks for all future reporting on Mkuvia. The time is short until the 43-101 is released and 43-101 compliant resource estimates will follow. Is the company perfect? Have they made errors in judgement? Harp has told me that he has made errors, but the company still exists and seems to be moving Mkuvia forward. The choppy days are behind us IMO and I am buying more.

Don't want no drama?... then use your freedom and sell your shares, cheap I hope, to me..

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