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Message: Go Figure

Go Figure

posted on Sep 04, 2009 12:31AM

Midex Gold, the recent optionee for the Magembe Diamond property trades over 3 million shares today and has a SP or $.17 US. At one point today shares sold for $.26 US (Market Cap of $28 million). I have posted about their financial position and have wondered what they can do in 2 years time with less than $25K in funds, spend $2 million on Magembe?

So as DLKM plummets to $.18 on 143K shares traded, with a Market Cap of $12 million it seems that Harp is a giant maker... at what cost to DLKM? So if DLKM makes a deal to give up a lion's share of Mkuvia, what does that leave for us to write about. I am very disappointed and look for the stock to rise back to $.30 to re-evaluate my choice... which means I may be "long", for reasons that are not uplifting.

Is there something that I am Missing? Is there a "back-story" to Midex we know nothing about? Has DLKM just kicked the Magembe property down the road 2 years to get it back when Midex cannot pull the "Dollar" rabbit out of the hat?

Go figure... I can't make it out. In the void of any indication from DLKM...???...

DYODD not investment advice

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