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A US company (LEXG) had optioned 5 claims on the valleyview property in Alberta from MCI.v. LEXG went on to pump the crap out of those 5 claims and there potential (supposively 2.8 billion pounds of lithium in this area) and sent LEXG SP from 10 cents to 11 dollars in a few months.. Well some news letters starting pointing out that MCI.v was the company who sold those land claims to LEXG and they happen to have 41 claims in that area and were trading at 11 cents (compaired to LEXG at 11 bucks) when both companies happen to have a sillmiar ammount of outstanding shares! Anyways Word got around that LEXG was a pump and dump and pointed out MCI is trading at 11 cents with the same outstanding shares and LEXG crashed down to earth.

HOpefully that sums up what happend here. i dipped in today and bought some MCI at 15 cents. Pretty good risk reward trade here. with this volume if we hold around 15-16 cents level the next run could really fly!

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