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Message: icc council press release

icc council press release

posted on Jun 10, 2009 05:45PM

Press Release Source: Flame Seal Products, Inc.

Flame Seal's President Addresses ICC Council Regarding SPF Codes at ICC Hearings June 2-4, with Strong Response from Attendees. New Test for Coatings Passed with Unanimous ICC Vote.

HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Michael Kiser, Flame Seal’s President, addressed the ICC Council on Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009 in Birmingham, Alabama at the ICC Codes Hearings. Mr. Kiser discussed the need for clarification of the codes with regard to Thermal Barriers, to help industry more clearly understand Flame Seal’s coatings and certifications as they relate to the building codes, and to change ambiguous wording in the codes that are allowing lesser, uncertified products to use the confusion to convince customers and officials that their products are qualified, even though Flame Seal’s product is the first and only product to pass all tests and receive fully accredited certifications for this use.

Mr. Kiser proposed revised language that will eliminate the confusion, and make clear distinctions between products that are truly “certified” and those that are not, so that the marketplace can clearly understand the qualifications of Flame Seal-TB, making the proper choice of product easier for customers.

At the conclusion of Mr. Kiser’s presentation, Michael Beaton (ICC), who is recognized as the top authority regarding this issue, stated that he had been working with Mr. Kiser on this issue, and, that they will work to provide needed modifications at the October hearings.

ICC Hearings Report from Mike Kiser:

“Hello shareholders! I know it’s been awhile, but we have been incredibly busy with the logistics of what we started with those ICC Certifications, including a great deal of preparation for this event! I must tell you these hearings, and the results, are a perfect example of the kind of work that is in store for yours truly in the coming months, to make sure our Company does all the right things to maintain its position at the forefront of this new market, and to make certain everyone in this industry understands that position.

“This was truly an exciting and important event for our company in two primary ways.

“First, as just described, I was given a forum to present Flame Seal’s issues to the industry, and the ICC Council, as this was the event whereby codes are written or modified by a Hearings Process. Since these hearings were attended by all major foam manufacturers and many large contractors, I was able to clarify our position in this market to all players in the industry in a single speech. Further, my work with Michael Beaton and others at ICC to help clarify codes and understanding of them is now clearly understood by the industry as well. Mr. Beaton explaining that he is working with me on this will help the manufacturers to realize how deeply Flame Seal Products, Inc. is committed to these processes, as well as to understand our high level of involvement.

“Second, one of the codes was changed regarding test methods for Ignition Barriers. The new codes were very hotly contested and debated for hours, after which, the Council passed the new test requirement unanimously. The net result is that essentially ALL polyurethane foam insulations in attics and crawl spaces will have to be coated. This is new, and of major import to us as a coating manufacturer. It was also confirmed, by virtue of these discussions, that virtually all interior foamed insulations absolutely must meet the Thermal Barrier requirement. The message from these hearings ... compliance is not optional any longer. This is why it was such a hotly contested subject.

“When I stepped down after my presentation, I was immediately met by several foam companies declaring their support for my effort, and further, they informed me that they were already working with SPI on incorporating our coating on their foam systems. SPI has since heard from companies that heard me speak at these hearings, and it is clear that they see the reality of the mandates, and are dedicated to the effort as well.

“All of this shows that the timing of our achievements, along with the changes that are occurring right now in this industry, could not be more perfectly aligned. When I joined ICC, Craig Keyser also joined ASTM, and we are re-doubling our efforts to do everything we can to lead the way in these important changes in the fire safety industry.

“On another note ... I have heard that some of our shareholders have become concerned that huge sales have not immediately followed the Bayer Certifications, but everyone must understand that our new product and the ICC Certifications we are obtaining, are making huge changes in a market place, and such things do not happen over-night.

“These hearings are a good example of the kind of work that must go into making sure Flame Seal does this very important work correctly. Since this is an opportunity to solidify our Company in a leadership role, with regard to very important life and safety issues, we are going to do everything necessary to remain at the forefront of this tremendous, emerging market for a very long time. As the CEO of a much larger company than ours said to me a month ago ... “Mike, looking at Flame Seal’s position in this thing, this kind of opportunity only comes around once. Do it right.” I think that says it all. This IS a huge opportunity, Flame Seal’s holds the only position at this time, and we are going to do this right! These hearings, and the response I received from everyone who talked to me, proved that we are THE Company everyone is turning to for answers. Now that we have cleared up questions about less qualified competitors, a major step has been taken in the “right” direction.

“One thing in particular struck me after these hearings were over ... Flame Seal is no secret anywhere in the foam industry. They all know us and our products very well. Growth will come in good measure as the industry comes to grip with the fact that they must provide for coatings as an integral part of their business, and in that prospect lies our overriding mission in this excellent work. I gladly repeat it here ... We will save lives!

“It just doesn’t get any better than that!”

Michael D. Kiser, President.

Jul 01, 2009 11:00PM

Jul 13, 2009 05:36PM
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