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Message: About bashers

Someone emailed this to me. 13 minutes ago

Are you afflicted with Stock "Bashers"

on stock chat websites who Lie about your company Make slanderous

remarks Use innuendo and scare tactics Try to create doubt in your

shareholders Kill deals Question every action you take Cause

embarrassment and harassment for your customers Hide behind aliases

Ruin your efforts to create a positive vision for the company Waste

your time and emotional energy You suspect are being paid by naked

short sellers Call you a liar when in fact that is what they do

Spread malicious rumors Accuse you of criminal behavior Encourage

people to call the police and the SEC Try to intimidate your

investors Perpetrate false or hopelessly slanted media reports Engage

in personal attacks on you and your employees Bash legitimate posters

who support the company Dominate the chat boards so the real news

cannot be told If nothing is done about these Bashers, the situation

will only get worse, taking your company to the naked short sellers'

graveyard like so many others. In order to survive, you must fight

back! Anything less will lead to your demise. This is a life and

death battle for you and your company, isn't it? Read how the experts

experienced in fighting public relations and legal battles

investigate and expose the Bashers - protecting your company and your

reputation so you can raise money and grow. You want to maximize your

shareholder value, don't you? What You Can Do Find out the real

identities of the Bashers Hit them with legal action Discredit them

on the chat sites Decimate their numbers Stop or reduce the attacks

Your Rights You may have legal rights against the bashers for:

Defamation Fraud Stock fraud Cyberstalking Computer crime Interfering

with your business Inflicting emotional distress You may also be able

to collect damages for these wrongs. Do not sleep on your rights -

find out today how to exercise your rights! Buy and read Bash the

Stock Bashers!
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