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Message: NBA 2K19 My team mode has changed dramatically in online and offline game mode

To start talking about the news of My Team you have to do it from My Team Unlimited, a way that will allow you to gather our 13 best cards, regardless of your position, to compete in seasons of 12 matches each. After losing three games, we must start again, while the number of wins will determine the quality of the reward to be obtained. Getting a full 12 wins will give us a Player of the Month card, and by collecting all the JDM cards, we will get a Galaxy Opal card from Isiah Thomas, this being the rarest category in the NBA 2K19 My Team.

Obviously, this also has to mean the presence of more challenges and sub-modes. One of them will be Triple Threat, which can be played both online and offline, this consisting of a kind of Domination in which to beat the 30 teams of the NBA, but with one caveat: we will face the team that dictates a ball that falls as if it were a roulette, once the division was selected. Once completed, we will have at our disposal a sort of Historical Domination in which to defeat trios formed by the 3 best players of each franchise. Meanwhile, in Triple Threat online mode, we will return to the new rewards interface and if we manage to win 10 games before losing 3, there will be up to five total rewards obtained, with the same mechanics of the falling ball.

The envelopes are also going to change, and for very good. For example, if we buy an envelope from the Throwback collection, it will guarantee a player from that set. That is to say, we will no longer have to regret to spend our VC on an envelope of the most expensive and get a bronze player. Likewise, there will be a new currency known as Token, which can be obtained by playing and completing challenges. This coin will give us access to a range of cards, and once all of them are achieved, we will move on to the next rank that will obviously be better. Also visit our website, to Buy NBA 2K19 VC with fast delivery.

There will also be a new type of letter, known as Heat Check. These will be normal versions of each player, but which will activate an enhancer for two days if he gets a great performance in the real NBA. In this sense, Visual Concepts have also thought about modifying the content calendar, since they have come to the conclusion that the most powerful letters took too long to arrive. In this way, each week will be equipped with five weekly offline challenges, which will not expire, as many online ones, Moments challenges will return, there will be daily tests and Locker Codes will be shared more often.

Even a safe bet like Domination will suffer some variations. Now, there will not be such a strict order in which to face the 30 teams of the league, but we will choose a division, and we can play in the order we want. Once each division is completed, we will also obtain a number of Tokens. It also adds Fantasy Domination, in which to defeat thematic teams such as the class of the 2004 Draft, MVP of the Finals or one formed by players from the extinct ABA.

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