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Message: VIT Deal

Re: Metu-VIT Deal

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posted on Sep 04, 2008 03:35PM

Hi Metu,

I am Derek - from the VIT chat here on agora. We were just talking about the Gateway deal - and thought that we should invite you over to have a look at our board and get to know some of us.

A number of us have been through (or are going through) not dissimilar situations. It is our thought (this was a conversation between chilledjames (James) and myself) that this is perhaps not such a bad deal for all of you at Gateway. We think that if your president had simply approached a major then the likelihood that you would have been swallowed...for fractions of shares or very little cash per...would have been very high. He was obviously trying to find a respectful deal as he could for you as shareholders and approached VIT.

I don't know if one could have expected quite the deal from the previous board (we all have history) - but we have a great team now...good leadership in Chad and great geos, led by Raul and Marcus - that we think could really maximize the potential of your properties. And it is not like VIT doesn't have it's own potential! Do have a visit to the company website and see how powerful a land package we have already.

We realize that this is a real difficult time for all of you at GTQ - but to do nothing is to just die the death...and nobody wants that. This way you have a great chance to both keep your belief in the properties that interested you - and to also participate in something that we all implicitly believe will be huge.

There are others that can say it way better than I can - and you will meet them if you bring up our chat. Thanks for your consideration - hope to see you there.


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