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Message: AUMN: Spoke at length with Danni regarding his departure

I'll list the important points he stressed:

1. He is taking a position with Goldcorp in the Environmental area, which has been his forte throughout his career. The announcement was just approved this morning and will be announced shortly by GG.

2. He stressed that the resource at Valardena is everything AUMN anticipated with "bottomless" mineral and excellent grades.

3. They are currently producing near 1 million silver-eq. ounces at 500 tpd. At 850 tpd in Q3 '13 they will be producing near 2 million silver-eq. ounces annually. At 1150 tpd (Q4 '14) they still project 3.5- 4.0 million silver-eq ounces. At merely $30/oz. silver, that provides $105-120 million cash flow annually. Excluding cash, that is a 1:1 cash flow--market cap ratio. AEM and GG trade at 10-15 X cash flow as a comparison.

4. Overhead costs will decline with his departure.

5. Q4 '12 production progressing as expected.

6. He remains a large shareholder and will retain his residence in Golden, Co. and commute to Vancouver (GG) for the next two years.

7. IMO, there appears to be zero skeletons related to Danni's departure.

8. Karen Winkler will remain IR and Bob Vogel--CFO will inherit some of Danni's responsibilities.


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