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Message: More water

I agree with you freedom as well. There has been a substantial move in the share price over the last few months (was very undervalued imho). I think that you will find that the value of resource plays gradually moving up in general. Again I think positive results this year will drive the sp. more so than sales, but a the profit from VM.x-1001 sales will definately help.

The drop by 10% today I think reflects the problems and abandoning of the Dantayaco-1 well (the water).

Mason Granger, portfolio manager, Sentry Select Capital was on BNN yesterday (market call tonight) and felt that you should wait before geting in (i.e. have had a good appreciation in sp) but he is very positive overall. He went on to say " Deep technical expertise. Enormous amounts of free cash flow, no debt. Drilling 11 or 12 exploratory wells this year."

If you want to see it here is the link: http://watch.bnn.ca/market-call-tonight/january-2010/market-call-tonight-january-5-2010/#clip252439 (around the 5 min mark)


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